How to Lose Belly Fat with Chakra Healing Holistic Medicine

Belly Fat
(Last Updated On: November 26, 2018)

Belly FatHow to lose belly fat fast with holistic healing aka chakra healing deals with holistic medicine concept and its practice in our day to day life without really administering any chemical or herbal preparation for the purpose.

We are dealing with a localized obesity in the body, namely the abdominal obesity caused by the accumulation of abdominal fat in and around the waist, in turn increasing its size in a disproportionate way.

It’s not only ugly to look at, killing all the romance that a naked body can evoke as it comes in contact with another opposite sexed partner’s body but is also a potential health hazard predisposing the body to the danger of contracting cardiovascular disease any time in life.

Caused by visceral fat as opposed to subcutaneous or intramuscular fat, it generates a pot belly or beer belly effect (though drinking beer has no clinically tested relation with it whatsoever), turning an obese body an apple shaped one as opposed to peer shaped in which the hips and the thighs are the ones that accumulate fat around them.

BVI or Body Volume Index measures central obesity by measuring the excess abdominal weight, measured by part volume as a percentage of total volume. The more the BVI, the more the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease along with heart disease, hypertension, insulin resistance, and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2!

Belly FatIn general females have a tendency to accumulate fat locally in the buttocks, thighs, and hips at least before menopause owing to female sex hormone; whereas men have a greater tendency to store it in their belly.

But specifically why does someone accumulate fat in the abdomen while another does it at the hips and the thighs? What is it that is responsible for localized concentration of fat in and around one single part of the body more than it accumulates in the rest of it?

There is another bigger question than this! Why does the body accumulate fat at all, in any specific part of it or else in all of them?

Second question first!

It’s simple mathematics. Energy intake exceeding energy expenditure!

A slow metabolism is responsible for the debacle.

And what about the first question?

It’s the way that body habitually keeps itself postured all the 24 hours that decides which parts of it will accumulate fat more and which will do so less, in case a slow metabolism forces it to be a part of the body.

We desperately need to know how to lose belly fat with holistic healing aka chakra healing as a holistic medicine procedure.

Belly FatBody posture is a topic that has not yet been properly studied by the mainstream medicine. Hence holistic medicine needed addressing how to lose belly fat with holistic healing aka chakra healing posturing the body right alone.

Chakras have an intimate connection with how the different parts of the body are postured in conjunction with one another. It’s their habitually wrong posturing alone that causes chakras in their locations closed.

A closed root chakra, a closed sacral chakra and a closed solar plexus chakra are the three chakras that are responsible for the body to accumulate fat in it. How to lose belly fat with holistic healing aka chakra healing needs addressing these three in the very beginning of its holistic medicine procedure.

Now, in what particular way the body posture has been wronged habitually in and around the organs associated with these three chakras decides what is going to be the shape of the fat accumulation in the central portion of the body, turning it into either an apple shaped or a peer shaped obesity, or else accumulating subcutaneous or intramuscular fat to it. Not only that, closing chakras with another wrong kind of body posturing turns a person excessively lean as well, increasing the metabolic rate a little too high in a clinically unhealthy way.

Chakra HealingHow to lose belly fat with holistic healing aka chakra healing deals with holistic medicine concept that takes care of imparting the right posture to the body, which in turn increases its metabolic rate through keeping consuming energy in a useful way every single moment even when a person is relaxing sitting in a sofa set drinking beer leisurely. It also takes care of gaining weight by accumulating useful fat if a person is wasting too much of metabolic energy by posturing the body in the oppositely wrong way.

The right body posture opening all the chakras in one single go increases its metabolic rate by turning it absolutely ready at the same time that it is absolutely relaxed too.

If rightly done, this is the best holistic medicine that does a miracle as far as losing fat and losing weight, or even gaining weight where so required, is concerned.

I did it to myself (I needed gaining weight which I did) and to many of my apple shaped as well as peer shaped clients (or patients… whatever you would call them!).

You can ask me any question by emailing me on, if you need asking anything regarding how to lose belly fat with holistic healing aka chakra healing.

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