Sacral Chakra aka Svadisthana: Body Anatomy

Sacral Chakra aka Svadisthana
(Last Updated On: November 26, 2018)

Sacral Chakra aka SvadisthanaAnd then it happened a little higher up than the root!

It was the second chakra – the sacral chakra – this time, called Svadisthana in Sanskrit and its body anatomy, which had come into the action of dissolving its complex, rigid musculature around the sacrum.

Sacrum is a bone resulting from the fusion of two or more vertebrae between the lumbar and the coccygeal regions, in humans being composed usually of five fused vertebrae and forming the posterior wall of the pelvis.

This triangular segment of the spinal column that forms part of the pelvis and closes in the pelvic girdle posteriorly, is formed between the ages of 16 and 25 by the fusion of five originally separate sacral vertebrae, and articulates with the last lumbar vertebra, the coccyx, and the hipbone on either side.

My body rose up in the air just above my hips taking my thoracic diaphragm up along.

The sacral chakra issues were about to resolve. Sacral chakra meditation was going to effect a permanent sacral chakra healing!

Sacral Chakra aka Svadisthana

But its maneuver was very simple, spontaneously got done by just straightening the middle discs of the spine where it often goes curved as we sit on a sofa or in a chair and take the rest with our back reclining against the back of the seat.

What it does is that it simply contracts both, the stomach as well as the abdomen, curling them up over each other and thus shortening the length between the pubic area and the thoracic diaphragm.

And then we make it a part of our habitual posture whether while sitting, standing, walking or even while lying down!

Under such condition of posture, the area that gets contracted tends to accumulate fats over it apart from many other wrongs that it does to our biological system.

We shall talk about the effects of a closed second chakra on the physiology of various different systems connected with the area in our next blog post to come.

You can also ask me any question by emailing me on, if you need asking anything regarding the body anatomy of the sacral chakra aka Svadisthana.

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