Anxiety Physical Symptoms: Anxiety Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

Anxiety Physical Symptoms: Anxiety Guided Meditation in Bangalore
(Last Updated On: January 15, 2023)

Anxiety Physical Symptoms: Anxiety Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

At 7 Chakras, we offer anxiety guided chakra meditation in Bangalore doing away with anxiety physical symptoms for a carefree life.

Anxiety Vs Fear

Anxiety Physical Symptoms Anxiety pushes people to a state of perennial dread over imagined threats that are not really perceptible in immediate future. In fact it boils down to making a mountain out of a molehill. But the victims obsessively keep feeling insecure in the face of their apprehensions regarding a probable unwelcome situation. Even though the probability of the perceived unwelcome situation is remote yet it keeps simmering in the victim’s mind. In fact it’s a perennial compulsive perception of helpless insecurity even in the absence of an obvious threat anywhere around.

Anxiety Physical Symptoms Fear is different from anxiety. Its threat is more specific and immediate as far as its perception is concerned. Fear activates a sympathetic response of fight or flight without any delay and then returns to its relaxed parasympathetic mode. But anxiety just keeps dilly dallying the imagined threat corrupting its parasympathetic mode in which it never stays relaxed.

Anxiety Physical Symptoms

Anxiety Physical Symptoms This is what gives rise to anxiety physical symptoms through generating muscular armors compromising relaxation even though in parasympathetic mode. The muscular armors become an unconscious habit of the body maneuver making it tight where muscles meet the skeletal joints. This habitual maneuver pulls the said skeletal joints down and tucks them in, thus distorting the entire skeletal posture. These partially contracted muscles keep exerting energy without doing any real work. Hence the body always remains in a state of unrelaxed fatigue with a constant feeling of restlessness. Breathing turns shallow as the thoracic diaphragm goes seriously limited in its range between its movements of contraction and relaxation. Tightness in the abdominal region spoils digestion and seriously compromises the gut to the brain dialogue via the vagus nerve.

List of Anxiety Physical Symptoms

We can make an entire list of anxiety physical symptoms from the above discussion…

  • Anxiety Physical Symptoms Neurological Symptoms: headaches, muscular twitches, dizziness and vertigo
  • Muscular Symptoms: involuntary contractions resulting in fatigue and tremors
  • Respiratory Symptoms: shallow breathing
  • Digestive Symptoms: indigestion, loose motions and nausea
  • Cardiac Symptoms: increased heart rate, palpitations and chest pain
  • Urological Symptoms: urinary urgency resulting in frequent urination
  • Genital Symptoms: painful sex, impotence and chronic pelvic pain syndrome

We can also categorize anxiety as numerous types of it like social anxiety, performance anxiety, existential anxiety and many more. Then there are different kinds of anxiety disorders as well. But in its basic etiology, all these types are not very different from one another. A person having one type of anxiety predominantly also tends to have the rest of them as well.

Body Vs Mind

Anxiety Physical Symptoms The more basic question that arises is which part of our being experiences anxiety. Is it the body or is it mind?

People subjectively feel anxiety hits the mind alone. But that is not the complete reality. It hits the body as much as it hits the mind. In fact, the mind and the body are the two sides of the same coin. The way a fragmented mind corrupts the body, a corrupted body fragments the mind exactly the same way.

But then the reality is that we know way more about the body than we know about the mind. And what all we know about the body is more concretely objective than what all we know about the mind.

Anxiety hits the body exactly the very moment it hits the mind. As it fragments the mind further, it simultaneously generates stronger muscular armors with distorted skeletal joints, nerves and blood vessels.

Hence skeletal anxiety guided meditation in Bangalore may empower you to take your first step toward eradicating anxiety physical symptoms. Eradicating anxiety physical symptoms easily gets rid of mental anxiety as well.

Skeletal Anxiety Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

Anxiety Physical Symptoms: Anxiety Guided Meditation in Bangalore How does skeletal anxiety guided meditation work to empower you against anxiety physical symptoms?

It does so through opening chakras starting from the root chakra and moving upward through the rest one by one. The process of opening chakras is skeletal. It means you need to re-posture your skeletal joints one by one with extremely subtle maneuvers. These maneuvers are what make our spontaneous interactive script for skeletal anxiety guided meditation in a 2-way communication. Every time you re-posture a joint associated with a specific chakra, you need to make it your first nature.

Re-posturing is easy and comes handy through following the spontaneous interactive script for skeletal anxiety guided meditation. But making it your first nature requires a longer chunk of time. It’s natural. You have been living with your faulty postural stances at different joints in your body all along your life. It has become a postural habit giving rise to various different closed chakras all along your body by now. And you know old habits die hard.

These closed chakras are responsible for any anxiety physical symptoms via all kinds of faulty lifestyles and lifestyle diseases. Once all the chakras starting from root to crown are open, all anxiety physical symptoms are ready to vanish.

Concluding Part of Skeletal Anxiety Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

Anxiety Guided Meditation in Bangalore As it happens, the concluding part of the anxiety guided meditation comes into play. This part deals with correcting your breathing pattern. This correction initiates kundalini energy into a smooth flow from the gut to the brain through spine. This smooth flow energizes the entire body and mind alike enabling you to eradicate anxiety physical symptoms.

It’s this spiritual awakening that burns all your anxiety physical symptoms in its energetic fire. It easily rids you of all neurological, muscular, respiratory, digestive, cardiac, urological and genital symptoms slowly and gradually.

You might have noticed that our anxiety guided meditation is more biological than mental or spiritual in its modus operandi.  It is this that makes skeletal anxiety guided meditation different from those in vogue these days. When the modus operandi is mental or spiritual, you are in a foreign land which you don’t know much about. Hence you traverse a vague territory without concretely knowing the directions you need to go along. This makes your spiritual journey a blind guesswork rather than going along an authentic map guiding you to right destination. It makes you so gullible that anyone can take you for a ride in the name of a guided meditation.

Spontaneously Interactive Biological Script

Anxiety Guided Meditation in Bangalore On the other hand, skeletal anxiety guided meditation is absolutely transparent with a biological script that is spontaneously interactive. You can clearly ‘see’ what you are doing to your body and share your feedback with your guide. Nothing is esoteric in this approach.

But then, you may doubt as to how a biological process can initiate a spiritual awakening. When your meditation is mental, you do not have any such doubts in your mind. But then you must realize why mind would ever doubt its own self.

In fact, our body is way more intelligent and honest than our mind can ever be. And if mind can transport you from mental to spiritual domain, why can’t body do so? In fact, it can transport you from biological to spiritual domain in a much more informed and efficient way.

Skeletal Meditations Vs Mental Meditations

Anxiety Guided Meditation in Bangalore What we do in our skeletal anxiety guided chakra meditation in Bangalore is that we turn the middleman out of the process. It’s as simple as that! Anyway, mind is neither as intelligent nor as honest as our body is. It’s rather stupid in the sense that it was mind that had caused anxiety physical symptoms in the first place.

That is why we first need to empty the mind in order to follow the path to spirituality. And that is why our anxiety guided meditation is skeletal and not a mental one.

No mental anxiety guided meditation can ever get rid of any anxiety physical symptoms.

And that is why our skeletal anxiety guided meditation in Bangalore does away with all anxiety symptoms, mental and physical.

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