How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Meditation in Bangalore
(Last Updated On: January 15, 2023)

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

At 7 Chakras, we offer Headache Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore for learning how to cure headaches naturally.

Headache in general is a phenomenon that causes pain anywhere in the skull including the neck below. There are many types of headache but the main four are tension headache, migraine headache, cluster headache and sinus headache.

Tension Headache

Tension Headache Almost 90% of all headaches experienced throughout the world fall under tension headache. The condition is recurrent with periodic intervals between two episodes and affects 21.8% of the global population. The causation in general is a cramping contraction of any of the skull or the neck muscles. 

Anatomically, mandible is the only movable bone in the skull. Hence these cramping contractions are invariably caused by faulty positioning of the temporomandibular joints. This faulty positioning affects the alignment between the upper and the lower jaws also causing teeth clenching and bruxism along. In fact it is this faulty positioning of the jawline which is basically responsible for all kinds of tension headaches.

These cramping contractions are habitual in nature and they are habitually initiated by various different psychosomatic reactions to causative factors. These causative factors may vary from stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation to anything that the victim subjectively experiences as uneasy.

Peripheral pain pathways receive pain signals from pericranial myofascial tissues to start a tension headache episode. Such prolonged episodes may end up activating central nervous system pain pathways turning into chronic tension headache phenomenon.

Migraine Headache

Migraine Headache Almost 15% of the global population experiences migraine headaches affecting single-sided episodes in the head. They include nausea, vomiting and extra sensitivity to lights, sounds and smells. A short visual disturbance called aura signaling the onset of an episode affects one-third of its victims. Migraine seems to directly affect the nerves and the blood vessels in the brain.

In fact the exact physiological pathology of migraine is still unknown. But it’s supposed to be a neurological disorder. Another hypothesis supposes it to be a neuromuscular disorder. The causative factors are supposed to be environmental as well as genetic. The immediate triggers are mostly foods including cheese, alcohol, chocolate and processed meats. Fatigue and weather may also act as triggers at times.

There is always a risk factor involved in episodic migraine in its possibility to turn chronic.

Cluster Headache

Cluster Headache Cluster headache is not as widespread as tension headache and migraine headache, affecting only 0.1% of the global population. The condition affects the area of trigeminal nerve on either side of the head with symptoms in autonomic systems on the same side.

Cluster headache is a recurrent and severe one-sided headache mostly around the eyes with eye watering and stuffy nose. The episodes appear in clusters ranging from a few weeks to more than a year. The episodic condition is always at a risk of turning chronic.

Again, the underlying causative mechanism is yet unknown. But the triggers precipitating an episode include nitroglycerin, histamine and alcohol.

Surprisingly, cluster headache victims have reported they had suicidal thought during an episode. It is said to be one of the worst pains that a human can ever experience. And that too for a cluster of weeks together!

There seems to be a speculative probability of disturbances in the trigeminal and the facial nerves being its root cause.  

Sinus Headache

Sinus Headache Chronic sinusitis causing sinus headache affects 12.5% of the global population. 

Sinus headache is not a primary headache. It is rather a side effect of the condition called sinusitis. It’s an inflammation in the mucous membranes lining the eight sinuses in the skull.

The symptoms of the condition are stuffy nose with mucus and facial pain. As an acute condition it normally stays for less than a month. But as a chronic condition it may stay for more than three months.

There are four pairs of maxillary, frontal, ethmoidal and sphenoidal sinuses in the skull surrounding the nasal cavity. Inflamed maxillary membranes filled with mucus cause pain in the cheek area covering teeth. Next, inflamed frontal membranes filled with mucus cause pain in the forehead area above the eyes. Inflamed ethmoidal membranes filled with mucus cause pain on the sides of the upper nose between and behind the eyes. Inflamed sphenoidal membranes filled with mucus cause pain at the top or the back of the head.

The best way out to cure sinusitis is simply boosting innate immune system to provide   sufficient localized immunity to sinuses. We will shortly see how. 

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Meditation in Bangalore Now, the most basic question that arises is how to cure headaches naturally including all the four types of them.

Headache guided meditation in Bangalore does a remarkable job in this regard. We do it through skeletal re-posturing of the skull and the neck resulting in the central fixation of the eyes.

But the question arises how the central fixation of the eyes can cure all these four types of headache.

For this, we need to go deeper into the physiological and the neurological changes in the skull that it brings.

Dr W.H.Bates’ 100 Year Old Quote on Central Fixation

Dr W H Bates Here is a 100 year old quote on central fixation by the famous ophthalmologist Dr W.H.Bates:

Not only do all errors of refraction and all functional disturbances of the eye disappear when it sees by central fixation, but many organic conditions are relieved or cured. I am unable to set any limits to its possibilities. I would not have ventured to predict that glaucoma, incipient cataract and syphilitic iritis could be cured by central fixation; but it is a fact that these conditions have disappeared when central fixation was attained. Relief was often obtained in a few minutes, and, in rare cases, this relief was permanent.”

“Usually, however, a permanent cure required more prolonged treatment. Inflammatory conditions of all kinds, including inflammation of the cornea, iris, conjunctiva, the various coats of the eyeball and even the optic nerve itself, have been benefited by central fixation after other methods had failed. Infections, as well as diseases caused by protein poisoning and the poisons of typhoid fever, influenza, syphilis and gonorrhea, have also been benefited by it. Even with a foreign body in the eye there is no redness and no pain so long as central fixation is retained.

The Quote Continues Further…

Since central fixation is impossible without mental control, central fixation of the eye means central fixation of the mind. It means, therefore, health in all parts of the body, for all the operations of the physical mechanism depend upon the mind. Not only the sight, but all the other senses—touch, taste, hearing and smell—are benefited by central fixation. All the vital processes—digestion, assimilation, elimination, etc.—are improved by it. The symptoms of functional and organic diseases are relieved. The efficiency of the mind enormously increases. The benefits of central fixation already observed are, in short, so great that the subject merits further investigation.

Source: W. H. BATES, M.D. (1920) “The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment without Glasses (Chapter 11, Page 122)”. CENTRAL FIXATION PUBLISHING CO. NEW YORK CITY. Retrieved on 23 April 2022 from <>

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

Bipedal Evolution The skull muscles are in their relaxed state when the mandible stays in a certain posture in the skull. It is when the two jaws with their dentures align in the same plain. Also they should stay at a distance of 2 mm to 4 mm gap between them.

I have treated hundreds of people for various lifestyle diseases by opening their chakras. Not even one of them did I find with the jawline maneuver as mentioned above.

Bipedal Evolution Humanity has not yet evolved sufficiently enough as far as its bipedal evolution is concerned. We, homo sapiens, had inherited our bipedal evolution in progress from our ancestral species starting with hominins. Hominins had stood on their two’s from their four’s adopting a near vertical posture around 7 million years ago. That day onwards, they took a skeletal leap as their skeletal joints and bones started evolving for their bipedal posture. This is what we call bipedal evolution which is still in process in the homo sapiens that we are.

This bipedal evolution proceeded along two lines of evolution. The first one was the conscious evolution showing its results in individual lifetimes as proposed by Lamarck. The second one was the transmission of the acquired changes to their offshoots genetically as proposed by Charles Darwin.

Since then, our bipedal evolution has been a continuous process which is still in progress. 

A Fatal Mistake

Global Warming But right now, we have reached the verge of an existential challenge that we ourselves created against our own self. It’s the demon of global warming threatening us with the end of life on this planet within this century. 

We created this demon in our intellectual superiority, our technological advances, our arrogance, our greed and our emotional stupidity. Now the ginny is out of the bottle and we can’t call it back until it has completed its job.

Isn’t there anyway out of this narrow tunnel we have been driving along without designing a reverse gear if needed?

At best we can dump our vehicle and run back to safety for our life!

Global Warming But that is not happening. We are still worrying about our treasures lying in the vehicle and cannot do away with our greed. No country is jumping into taking the first concrete step. What all we have done up to this point of time is cosmetic brush up with green promises alone.

Do you know what? It’s exactly the same mindset that gives us all our headaches too.

We made certain fatal mistakes along our sociocultural evolution that started obstructing our bipedal skeletal evolution some 10,000 years ago.

We still can design a reverse gear and drive our vehicle back away from the danger of extinction to a safe zone.

Bt that is going to be the last chance of our survival!

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Chakra Meditation in Bangalore

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Meditation in Bangalore We immediately need to complete our bipedal evolution turning our body more intelligent than it right now is. It promises opening the doors to a new intelligent design of sociocultural evolution sustainable with nature’s laws.

We need to take a skeletal leap into completing our bipedal evolution.

It means learning how to cure headaches naturally with headache guided meditation in the context of this article. But in a wider context, we immediately need to mend our health, both physical and mental. 

It was our poor mental health alone that pushed us to this dangerous point of almost no return.

Do you know health is the only entity in our sociocultural domain that does not accept any bribe? Even love does so, it more than often keeps getting bribes every other day!

But health is the only honest entity that we are left with in our faultily designed sociocultural evolutionary network. 

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Meditation in Bangalore We need to be healthy and it’s not possible until we complete our bipedal evolution. And we need skeletal guided meditations covering our entire skeletons en masse on this planet.

That’s the only hope we are left with. We immediately need to take the right decisions at the right moment to get out of the global warming menace.

It simply means learning how to cure headaches naturally with headache guided meditation in the context of this article. I repeated my words in the hope that you would take an immediate action once you learned it full.

How Can Headache Guided Chakra Meditation Cure All Its Types with Central Fixation Alone?

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Meditation in Bangalore That’s a real pertinent question. But the answer is simpler than the question. Central fixation does not cure headache alone. It does many other corrections in our faulty anatomy, physiology, neurology and circulatory system as well.

Tension headache needs mending its rigidified muscles to cure.

Migraine and cluster headaches need mending their wronged up nerves to cure.

Sinus headache needs boosting innate and localized immunities.

Let’s keep central fixation of the body and central fixation of the mind apart. Even central fixation of the eyes alone is capable of doing great wonders. 

Check How to Improve Eyesight Instantly Fast by Guided Chakra Yoga Meditation in Bangalore for instant eyesight improvement.

Also check Smize Guided Chakra Meditation for Shining Eyes in Bangalore for smiling with eyes.

Further check Guided Chakra Meditation for Natural Facelifts in Bangalore to bypass facelift surgery complications.

They all essentially work with central fixation of the eyes alone.

How to Cure Headaches Naturally

How to Cure Headaches Naturally: Headache Guided Meditation in Bangalore We can easily resolve the problems of the skull locally with central fixation of the eyes alone.

That is because central fixation of the eyes sets anatomy, physiology, neurology and circulatory system in the skull right. Hence any type of headache springing from the morbidities of muscles, nerves and blood vessels vanishes. This is true about tension headache, migraine headache and cluster headache equally.

As far as sinus headache is concerned, central fixation of the eyes specifically takes care of the localized skull immunity. Along with that it also plays its due role to boost innate immunity of the entire mind body system.

Once each causative factor for every single type of headache has been set right, the problem gets resolved. There is no more reason for any of them to appear again whether in skull anywhere or else in neck. 

In fact every central fixation is a panacea curing a number of lifestyle diseases in various different parts of the body.

A Personal Secret

In the end of this article, let me tell you a personal secret of mine…

I just don’t know how a headache subjectively feels like as a firsthand experience. I never had one in my entire life!

But I did have a myopic condition which I corrected with central fixation of the eyes alone. And today, I have 20/20 distant vision in my eyes.

Miracles do happen. It’s only that we don’t understand the reasons behind them yet. 

But we certainly will, one day.

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