Signs of Depression: Depression Treatment by Chakra Healing

Signs of Depression: Depression Treatment by Chakra Healing
(Last Updated On: August 22, 2020)

Signs of Depression: Depression Treatment by Chakra Healing

Depression treatment by chakra healing through opening chakras depends on the signs of depression. In fact it depends on the kinds of mood disorders it is trying to heal.

Signs of Depression: Depression Treatment by Chakra Healing These may vary with the types of depression. They include major depression or clinical depression, bipolar depression or manic depression symptoms, and anxiety depression disorder along with others. In fact they all have widely different symptoms of depression. But the causes of depression are as varied as from the very obvious to vaguely unknown. Also anxiety and depression are always the two extremes that the sufferer keeps swinging between. Hence any treatment including the mainstream or alternative treatments for depression have to take care of all this. Hence they need to take care of the overt and covert signs and symptoms of depression. These may cover anxiety and depression treatments together, in one single go.

The levels of neurotransmitters in brain like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine have seen to be associated with the level of depression that a person is suffering from.

Lack of Kundalini Energy Flow

Signs of Depression: Depression Treatment by Chakra Healing Whatever the causes of depression are, but one thing is there for certain. The sufferers are always lacking the level of kundalini energy that their bodies can hold within. Their body obstructs it from flowing through the spinal cord in an unobstructed manner. The moment these obstructions caused by the closed chakras dissolve, the life energy is back. Kundalini energy starts flowing through the spine smooth, alleviating the severity of depression in an effectively considerable way.

In fact, the closed chakras are not the signs and symptoms of depression. They are rather the root cause of the condition. Hence alternative treatments for depression need to address the precipitating cause rather than signs and symptoms of the disease alone.

The speed of opening chakras varies with the signs of depression. These signs cover all kinds of mood disorders it is trying to heal. It may vary with the types of depression. These include major depression, bipolar depression and anxiety depression disorder along with others. These all have widely different symptoms of depression.

Secondary Options for Signs of Depression Treatment to Speed up the Process as Catalysts

You may still want to add some extra remedies along with chakra healing to speed up the process as catalysts. In that case, I would strongly suggest you to go for psychological options alone and NOT the psychiatric ones.

The reason is that they both belong to the same category of signs of depression treatment. Both of them are rooted deep in the natural mind body processes alone.

The Stress and Anxiety Toolkit by David Bonham-Carter

David Bonham-Carter I happened to investigate into The Stress and Anxiety Toolkit by David Bonham-Carter on request from some of my chakra-trainees. David from the United Kingdom had been a social worker before he turned a professional life coach. He specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help people out of their negative thinking patterns.

David has summed up all the experience of his life in The Stress and Anxiety Toolkit. The toolkit comprises 6 ebooks in it, all packed with extremely valuable practical techniques. These techniques help people with their depression, anxiety and stress problems to change them as a person for good.

David Bonham-Carter Disclosure: The Stress and Anxiety Toolkit is an affiliate link. And if you buy it from here, I’ll get a little compensation to refer it to you. But don’t worry, you will NOT be charged for that in its prices! In fact the sellers pay it from their own pocket.

I am referring it for its quality, not for my petty compensation.

As I said before, I am referring it to you based on my thorough investigation and satisfaction with it.

Use The Stress and Anxiety Toolkit as your secondary remedy along with chakra healing as the primary one. And you will not only get rid of signs of depression alone but also of all other lifestyle diseases you might have. As a bonus, you will also increase the energy level in your mind body system considerably.

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  1. Yes Kundalini energy is the key. When one can controll ones mind or rather discover what is behind it then the energy flows.

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