A Closed Solar Plexus Chakra Blocking Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Flow in Bangalore

Solar Plexus Chakra Blocking 3rd Chakra's Free Energy Of Kundalini
(Last Updated On: July 4, 2022)

A Closed Solar Plexus Chakra Blocking Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Flow in Bangalore

A closed solar plexus chakra blocks solar plexus chakra energy flow rising through spine up from the root chakra to the crown chakra.

When the chakra energy flow gets blocked by the solar plexus chakra aka Manipura chakra at its location, it results in feeling suffocated both at the level of the body as well as at the level of the mind.

A Closed Solar Plexus Chakra Blocking Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Flow We forget how to let go. We start holding up tight everything that comes up in life.

As we suffocate ourselves, we also tend to suffocate every other thing or person in contact with us.

We turn a little bit too much possessive as far as owning a thing is concerned.

When the openness of the body constricts, the mind goes narrow as well.

Body Affecting Mind

It does so at two levels. First the feelings go constricted, turning us less sensitive to the pains and pleasures of our fellow humans around. We just turn into a narrow minded Shylock in life.

A Closed Solar Plexus Chakra Blocking Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Flow Second, the thinking goes constricted, turning us less curious to the wonders of the world around. We lose the basic human intelligence that is the hallmark of our species. Thus we block the way of insight that we could have embraced in life.

The mind starts getting anxious, getting busy in building measures for safety and security. It creates a net against the worldly threats that are, supposedly, yet to come. In fact it starts avoiding rather than facing them, if they really are, here and now.

It gets busy with preparing for the future in the present, turns ambitious, and goes anxious.

Ambition starts replacing the joy of the moment!

Losing Sensitivity with A Closed Solar Plexus Chakra Blocking Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Flow

It all results in losing the sensitivity of the body and the mind. We lose it for life in general and our fellow humans in particular. As the sensitivity gets lost, so does the passion for life and for its activities!

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