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3 Minute Test for Chakras with This Free Chakra Test Online

I have designed a scientifically correct 3 Minute Test for Chakras to test your chakra health with this Free Chakra Test Online. It does not mean that your chakra health may not change with the passage of time. But it will do so only if you take an active initiative to change it in a positive way.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • The 10 questions that I have asked in this free chakra test online are not any vague questions. These are not like the ones the creators of such tests often ask in their questionnaires. They are not even psychological or spiritual questions. Rather they are very concrete anatomical questions. These anatomical questions have an intimately close association with the state of your chakra health in your body anatomy. The said anatomy takes its shape with the kind of body posture one has. You can always change it but you have become habitual of keeping it the way it right now is.
  • It’s a free chakra test but it’s really an accurate one. It’s not something that I have created for your entertainment. Nor is it to create a blind faith on the esoteric associations these chakras are said to have.
3 Minute Test For Chakras: Test Your Chakra Health With This Free Chakra Test

Two More Points…

  • You must make it a point to be extremely observant as well as totally honest while answering these questions. Otherwise this chakra test will make no real sense as it will give you the hyped-up results. They will give you a false satisfaction regarding the state of your chakra health. Hence you will never make any effort to set it right.
  • Keep it in mind that despite its being free, you are getting an opportunity to get a very accurate result. It has never been offered before as far as testing chakra health in a strictly scientific way is concerned. I will like to tell you another thing here. A single chakra can never be fully open without other chakras in its vicinity being open too. Hence this test does not claim to tell individual chakras as open or closed. It does so for a chakra group in the vicinity of one another. Also what it conclusively tells is the overall state of your entire chakra health including all 7 chakras. To improve your entire chakra health, you may visit Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore: Empty Your Mind

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How authentic are chakra tests?

It all depends on who created the tool and how insightful they are as far as the effects of chakra status on a person’s body are visible. Since physical effects are tangible, they test them the best.

How does the chakra status affect a person’s body?

The first thing that the chakra status affects is their body posture. And the body posture entirely depends on how they maneuver their skeletal joints while sitting, standing, walking and lying down.

What other effects does the chakra status have on the body?

It also affects what lifestyle diseases one has contracted to date. The surest one is the acuity of the eyesight whether it’s your far vision or the near vision. Chakra status instantly changes it.

Are there any other physical effects that chakra status shows?

Yes, it very obviously shows up in the shape of your vertebral column along it entire length. It also shows up in how you balance your weight against gravity on the sole of your feet.

What about the mental effects of chakra status?

They are certainly there, but they are not tangible and hence they don’t serve as clear telltale signs. When it comes to mind, you can always tell lies to yourself or be confused in your own self.

What about the spiritual effects of chakra status?

Again, they are very much there, but they are even less tangible than the mental effects. One of its surest sign shows up in the eyes oozing energy out physically visible in brightly shining eyes.

Is a person with all chakras open able to perform miracles?

There are many myths that people keep gossiping about. You won’t start flying in the air with all your chakras open because human body has not evolved to fly. But yes, miracles do happen.

What kind of miracles do chakras enable?

You need to change your definition of what a miracle is. Don’t you see life as an already existing miracle? You will live life .without even contracting a single disease. Isn’t that a miracle?

Will you be able to predict future?

Even future cannot predict itself. How will you do? But yes, you will turn way more sensitive, way more passionate and way more energetic. In fact, spirit literally means energy that you live with.

Will my chakra status be able to awaken kundalini?

It certainly will. But you need to stop thinking about kundalini as a Godly magic. Once your chakra status is perfect, it immediately tends to awaken kundalini with the right breathing pattern.

What does kundalini awakening change in life?

It simply changes the level of energy that you live your life with. And it doesn’t awaken once and forever. In fact, every single breath keeps sending spurts of energy from the gut to the brain.

Can I change my chakra status?

You can very easily change your chakra status in whatever state it right now is. Yes, you will need a strong determination and a will to turn your life into a realistic miracle. Are you ready?

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3 Minute Test for Chakras with This Free Chakra Test Online
3 Minute Test For Chakras With This Free Chakra Test Online

I have designed a scientifically correct 3 Minute Test for Chakras. Check your chakra health with this Free Chakra Test online!

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