7 Chakras: Awakening to Spirit with Skeletal Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore

At 7 Chakras, we offer Skeletal Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore empowering you to create your personal heaven by awakening to spirit.

What Are 7 Chakras?

What Are 7 Chakras? Awakening To Spirit With Skeletal Guided Meditations For Healing Chakras In Bangalore

The word chakra literally means a wheel in the shape of a circle.

7 chakras, when they are closed, are anatomical deformities in functional groups of internal body organs. These are the groups of skeletal joints along with muscles, nerves and blood vessels attached to them. The vagus nerve is also a part of them. They block Kundalini from moving up through Sushumna to the brain in a streamlined flow. As a result, it starts rotating in a circle at the location of the block rather than moving ahead straight. That’s why the said blocks are called chakras.

7 Chakras: Open Vs Closed 

7 Chakras: Open Vs Closed - Awakening To Spirit With Skeletal Guided Meditations For Healing Chakras In Bangalore

Open chakras have no deformities and no blocks in the way of Kundalini rising up through Sushumna to the brain. In fact, when open, they shouldn’t even be called chakras at all.

The above two definitions are no stereotyped definitions unlike the ones showing up all over the Internet. They all keep blowing up the same old trumpet. These stereotypes define 7 chakras as the centers of energy. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Chakras are chakras, only when they are closed. Open chakras are no chakras at all. So when chakras are there, they are villains more than heroes. And we should take care to paint them in the right light!

The definitions above are, in fact, the results of my firsthand experience with the way these 7 chakras behave and function. These are also the result of my experience with Kundalini flowing up uninterrupted through Sushumna.

Skeletal Guided Meditations

7 Chakras: Awakening To Spirit With Skeletal Guided Meditations For Healing Chakras In Bangalore

The subject does merit further investigation.

And so do skeletal meditations for healing chakras!

They have great promises hidden in their activation in all the three procedures of central fixation. Namely, these are central fixation of the eyes, central fixation of the body and central fixation of the mind.

In its entirety, I have named it Skeletal Leap. I call it the mother of all meditations on earth.

Skeletal Leap investigates into integrating skeletal re-posturing with central fixation for various different concerns of humanity.

The way it works is through maneuvering the body skeleton the way it should be postured dynamically while making movements.

What Is Skeletal Leap

Bipedal Evolution

Skeletal Leap means taking the next leap into changing our skeletal posture 7 million years after our predecessors took it first. It was when hominins had stood up on their twos from on their fours.

Bipedal evolution started a new revolution on this planet. It was a real miracle. No other animal had ever stood up on its twos consciously before.

This step of theirs was certainly a big leap that they had spontaneously taken though in conscious phases.

Bipedal Evolution

It might not have been comfortable for them for a long time to come. But it certainly gave them tremendous opportunities for unlimited newer skills to master. Had they not taken their first skeletal leap, we would never have been able to live a human life today.

But it all came with a price tag they had to pay for it, maybe unknowingly.

And it was not a one time payment. We, their successors, are still going on paying it every single day all through our life. Even after 7 million years of our first venture into it!

How 7 Chakras Went Closed During Bipedal Evolution

Next Homo Sapiens Evolution: 7 Chakras: Awakening To Spirit With Skeletal Guided Meditations For Healing Chakras In Bangalore

Gravity got a free hand on our vertically erect skeleton. It started pulling its joints down especially on its upper parts which swung into the air without any support beneath.

The main victims were the skull, the shoulders, the backbone, the thoracic diaphragm, the hips and the knees.

Also, as brain further evolved, it gave birth to negative emotions along with positive ones that joined hands with gravity. It caused these pulled-down organs tucked-in rather than staying up and out.

Next Homo Sapiens Evolution: 7 Chakras: Awakening To Spirit With Skeletal Guided Meditations For Healing Chakras In Bangalore

Our skeleton went habitually postured as deformed. And we have been living with the same deformed posture of skeleton to date every single day since then.

The downward pulls and inward tucks are activated on the skeleton through its joints. These joints are the points to which muscles are attached as well. These deformations contract these muscles and keep them so beyond their relaxed state perennially.

As a result, the said muscles get rigidified in those contracted lengths of their tissues. They no more sit relaxed even when they are not supposed to do any work with them. With the passage of time, they habitually get stuck in those unrelaxed stances which keep us tired all day long.

On top of it, they also have nerve endings and blood vessel endings attached to them. When muscle shapes go distorted, so do the nerves and the blood vessels in their vicinity.

Vagus Nerve AKA Sushumna

Kundalini Flow from Root Chakra to Crown Chakra AKA Neural Communication Between The Gut & The Brain

Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve, which is the biggest nerve in the body, is the worst affected of them all. This tenth cranial nerve has very many sensory and motor branches going to many important internal organs. It does the most important job of establishing a dialogue between the gut and the brain.

But when it goes deformed owing to the skeletal deformation, its function goes seriously compromised. It not only carries messages to and fro the brain but also the life energy keeping us alive.

Vagus Nerve

This life energy is called Kundalini in the ancient Chakra System first originated in India. It flows through the vagus nerve, called Sushumna in Sanskrit language. Sushumna is the non-physical harmony of its constituent nerves Ida and Pingala. The two have the names dorsal vagus and ventral vagus in English.

In order for Kundalini to flow through Sushumna without any interruption, it needs to be in its original shape. But as we have seen above, nerves also go deformed with postural deformities of the skeleton.

Hence Sushumna is not able to let Kundalini efficiently flow uninterrupted through it to the brain.  It get’s blocked on its way to rise up through Sushumna although parts of it leak through as non-uniform trickles.

The Flow of Kundalini Goes Interrupted

The Flow Of Kundalini Goes Interrupted

These non-uniform trickles are certainly not sufficient to keep us energetic enough in our life. But they at least save us from turning dead instantaneously. (It’s quite logical. The vitalist approach toward life considers Kundalini as the basic life energy instilling life into matter. Hence an absolute absence of its flow through Sushumna will result in killing the organism instantly.)

With this lack of life energy in our mind body system, we go prone to contracting many lifestyle diseases. They affect our crucial internal organs and their systems negatively not only anatomically but physiologically as well. The worst victims are our skeletal, nervous, muscular, respiratory, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, urinary, integumentary, reproductive, and digestive systems.

The Flow Of Kundalini

It ends up turning life into a painful experience rather than a joyful excursion on the planet. There is no fun living life with an extremely limited amount of energy. It stops us from participating in its activities miserly especially when we love doing them as much as we want.

Living an abundant life is the real fun of life! We need abundance of energy to enjoy the abundance of gifts life has in its store for us.

We need a full flow of Kundalini imparting us with perennial joy of perception and action in whatever we do.

Next Homo Sapiens Evolution

Next Homo Sapiens Evolution

The price we paid for all we gained was an overall lack of energy flow in our mind body system. We are still going on paying it every single day with lack of energy and falling prey to lifestyle diseases.

Homo sapiens have en bulk developed all 7 chakras gone closed in almost the entirety of the humanity.

We need the next homo sapiens evolution for awakening to spirit.

And we are an intelligent species now. Hence we can do this next evolution way better than we did the first one 7 million years ago.

Every single homo sapiens needs to do it individually for herself or himself. But for this to take place, everyone needs to have the practical knowledge of how to do it correctly. One single slight mistake and the entire skeletal maneuver may just go absolutely fruitless!

Skeletal Guided Meditations Entail Skeletal Postural Corrections

7 Chakras: Awakening To Spirit With Skeletal Guided Meditations For Healing Chakras In Bangalore

Skeletal guided meditations for healing chakras entail a very subtle skeletal posturing that makes it possible for us to take the Skeletal Leap. That’s why I call them the mother of all meditations on earth. At times, even a few millimeters of skeletal maneuver are sufficient enough to create a totally new experience. The experience can be that of perception, action or the flow of energy in the vicinity of the maneuver. These slight, tiny maneuvers at specific skeletal points make all the difference on earth. In fact, it’s a series of skeletal meditations that we need to do under proper guidance. It makes them a series of extremely subtle guided meditations.

Scientific Chakra Test

These skeletal guided meditations for healing chakras are purely biological in their form and structure. But they are real miracles! They have a miraculous capacity to allow energy automatically start flowing uninterrupted through the body. There are various different skeletal postural adjustments to make for various different purposes. That’s what awakening to spirit  through opening various different chakras means.

We need to make these skeletal meditations for healing chakras our first nature 24x7x365 at the level of keeping our skeletal posture right. Once it has become our first nature, we enter a perennial state that is meditative every single moment. We don’t need to sit for that particular skeletal meditation for awakening to spirit any more after that. It becomes a part and parcel of our existence without any effort involved in keeping it up. They end up granting us partial salvations (freedoms) at the levels of their specific targets. Going up along their hierarchical levels, it’s easily possible to embrace complete salvation (freedom) as well.

Chakra Healing

Once we are there, we only need to take care we never fall back into our old skeletal posture again.

We CAN evolve NOW, or else we keep suffering.

What do YOU choose? Your personal heaven on earth or suffering the status quo of the present rut of life?

Do you want to contact me for asking a question or for joining Skeletal Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore?

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7 Chakras: Awakening to Spirit with Guided Meditations
Awakening To Spirit With Skeletal Guided Meditations For Healing Chakras

At 7 Chakras, we offer Skeletal Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras empowering you to create your personal heaven by awakening to spirit.

Service Type: Awakening to Spirit with Skeletal Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras

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