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What Is Mind Body? How Do Your Mind & Your Body Affect Your Chakras?

What is mind body?

What Is Mind Body Mind body is a unique entity separate from the mind or the body or else their static addition. In fact it’s a dynamic entity in which the two dialectically interact with each other every single moment afresh.

Do you know your body well?

You might be thinking so. I too was, until I came to discover a few strange facts about my body. I very recently discovered that my lower jaw was very slightly tilted toward the left side of my face. My mirror had never told it to me before. None in my family had ever noticed it too before I discovered and showed it to them.

How did I come to discover it?

What Is Mind Body Well, I was training my third eye chakra by stretching my lower jaw vertically down to open it full. And suddenly I observed that as I did so, my lower jaw suddenly moved a little toward the right. The distance was hardly a few millimeters but this alone was keeping my third eye chakra closed habitually.

Something unconscious thus came to the surface of my consciousness. It wasn’t the unconscious domain of my mind. It was rather the unconscious domain of my body.

Why hadn’t my mind known it before?

It’s because the body has its own unconscious domain like the mind has one, its own.

Hence we don’t even know our mind well.

Are the two connected to each other?

What Is Mind Body Connection What Is Mind Body Connection?

The mind and the body are connected only up to their conscious parts being so. Both of them have deep layers of their separate unconscious domains unknown to themselves as well as to each other.

An ideal mind body connection would come into existence when the two start interacting dynamically. It happens only when the two explore their own unconscious domains as well as each other’s so.

What Is Mind and Body?

What Is Mind And Body We know our body even if not well enough. We can touch it. It does have a concrete shape. You can photograph it easily. It moves in space and you can see it moving.

On the contrary, we cannot touch our mind.

Where is the mind located?

If you say, in the head; you are mistaking it with brain which is very much a part of body.

What Is Mind And Body So, what is mind?

Mind is not a physical entity. It doesn’t exist in space. It’s simply a function of the body (including brain) in time.

When it acquires a shape in time, it no more remains fluid. By ‘acquiring a shape in time’ I mean having predictable functions in the domain of time.

What Is Mind Body Problem?

What Is Mind Body Problem When the mind loses its fluidity through acquiring a shape in time, body (including brain) loses its fluidity too.

In such a scenario, both deposit a lot of static stuff deep down their unconscious layers.

The brain starts losing its creative spontaneity and keeps sending repeatable signals to muscles through its motor nerves.

What Is Mind Body Problem Muscles doing the same repeated actions time and again get habitually set up in those patterns and lose their flexibility.

Alas! These rigidified muscle groups block chakras in the body. These blocked chakras in turn block the flow of Kundalini energy from flowing uninhibited through the spinal cord. In its normal course, Kundalini energy is supposed to flow uninhibited between the root and the crown chakras. But once blocked, it hardly manages to keep trickling up through the blocked chakras in its way to the crown.

What Is Mind Body Problem It’s never 100% blocked. If it were, the organism would have instantly collapsed. Only its level of trickling up varies from person to person.

The more the trickling that it’s able to manage, the more energetic the person! Vice versa is true as well.

These repeated patterns of signals from brain and rigidified muscles in the body make the most of our static mind.

What Is Mind Body Health?

What Is Mind Body Health Let me tell you a story. It happened with me when I was 53, on 12th of December 2004 in Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi, India.

I was waiting for my wife, standing at a certain place near the market. She was to come and join me for some shopping over there in the market together.

And suddenly it happened!

I just stretched my body to come out of the stupor of having stood in a certain posture for long.

What Is Health Something instantly changed in front of my eyes. In fact everything out there was exactly the same. But it was all crystal-clear in front of my eyes. The advertising kiosks at a distance with small text written on them went clearly legible to me.

I had been a patient of myopia with a diopter power 2.25 prescribed for my eyes all through my life. But I always avoided wearing those crutches on my eyes albeit at the cost of seeing somewhat blurred every time. And I had never seen so clear at a distance as I was seeing and easily reading at that moment.

What Is Mind Body Healing?

What Is Mind Body Healing I couldn’t believe my eyes. But then as they say, seeing is believing. I had to believe what I saw.

I hadn’t yet blinked my eyes after I saw so clear all around for the first time in my life.

And then I blinked once.

I was extremely disappointed as I opened my eyes again. Everything in front of them was the same way blurred as it always had been with me.

What Is Mind Body Healing Was I dreaming a second ago?

No, my body still remembered what it had done to enter that miraculous state.

And I did it again! Everything crystal-clear in front of my eyes!

Then I blinked again.

It was again back to my habitual blur in front of my eyes.

What Is Healing It became a game to play. My body would enter the spectacular state of acuity and then pushed back as I blinked.

My mind just couldn’t fathom what all my body did every time to keep playing the game.

In fact my mind was also scared that anytime it (the body) could forget how to make the transition. And then everything would be over like losing the golden key to the treasure.

What Is Mind Body Medicine?

What Is Mind Body Medicine It was clearly a mind body medicine that I had stumbled upon. And still I could not explain what it was and how to activate it. My body was able to activate it momentarily but my mind was in total darkness about what it did.

It took me two long years of day and night researching for my mind to understand what it was. I peeped into every single piece of knowledge available to understand what my body had done in one single moment.

It was thus that I discovered the postural procedure of opening chakras resulting in instant eye vision correction.

What Is Mind Body Medicine And then it didn’t stop over there. I tested the procedure in other fields of illness to come out with a viable system of mind body medicine.

I am still working on a wide spectrum of illnesses addressable with chakra healing. The most important thing is that in my pursuit, I also discovered the anatomical procedure of opening chakras.

We no more need esoteric, mysterious-looking chakra opening procedures. We can simply open chakras through re-posturing the body anatomically. It’s simply done through making the new posture your first nature 24×7.

At the moment, I have successfully been able to address the following illnesses with mind body medicine through chakra healing:

I provide Instant Eyesight Improvement free of charge to people coming to me in person.

What Is Mind Body Fitness

What Is Mind Body Fitness Mind body fitness turns one strong, flexible and agile; all three in one single go.

Let me tell you another awesome story.

I was in Manali for a month long vacation along with my wife and my five year old daughter.

One day we made a plan to explore the hills around the valley without any specific destination in mind.

What Is Mind Body Fitness We started moving along the river Vyas on the untrodden side of it. We were inventing our own paths along it since there was none ever traversed by any human steps. It was an adventurous enjoyment we were experiencing.

At one place, we were forced to halt our trek as the river had made a very sharp turn along the side of a high, steep hill. There was no way to proceed along the river any further. We thought of circumventing the sharp turn by climbing up the hill and then climbing down ahead of it.

What Is Fitness We surveyed the possibility of doing so. But hills are always very mysterious like secretive women. They never tell you their entire story in one single sight.

The hill was very high as well as very steep. We were in two minds, thinking whether to proceed along our adventure or go back to our hotel for lunch.

Suddenly, I spotted a man on the top of the hill. I shouted at the top of my voice to draw his attention. He heard me and shouted back as is the custom in hills. With my sign language I tried to ask him if it was possible for us to climb up the hill. I also clarified that we planned to climb down to the other side of the sharp turn of the river.

What Is Mind Body Wellness?

What Is Mind Body Wellness The man kept thinking for a while. Then he panned his eyes in 180 degrees along the hill-slopes and then 180 degrees along the river below.

Ultimately he seemed to have taken a decision to further our adventure. He shouted aloud and gave us a signal to start climbing up.

This man was the epitome of mind body wellness. He had so easily decided to be a selfless partner in our adventure for no material gain out of it!

What Is Mind Body Wellness We were very happy. As we started climbing up, I saw him climbing down toward us. People in hills always have ample time at their disposal!

Around half way up for us and down for him, we met each other. It was then that I realized why he had climbed half the way down for us. He was at a platform on the top of around a 70 degree steep 8 feet high rock. We were standing at its root on a platform on our way up the hill. There was no way we could have climbed up the rock on our own.

What Is Wellness He lied down on his stomach to pull my daughter up as I pushed her up from below. He made her sit on the platform at a little distance. Then we repeated the action with my wife. In the end, it was I alone left below the rock.

As we tried to replicate our action, we realized we had missed foreseeing a technical issue.

For my daughter and wife, I was the support to push them from below for him to pull them up. Who would be the support for me?

What Is Mind Body Soul?

What Is Mind Bod Soul We both realized the gravity of the situation at the same moment together and looked into each other’s eyes. Then he looked below at the bend of the river. My eyes followed his. And I saw I was standing almost vertically above the bend of the river we had planned to circumvent!

We needed ALL the strength of our soul.

He spoke for the first time during all this action.

‘’Either you are up in one go or you will pull me down holding me tight instinctively if you can’t. And we both will tumble down into the wild river below. We can retread from here if we have even the slightest doubt about doing it right the very first time. Either we will be able to do it in one go or we both are dead if we fail.’’

What Is Mind Bod Soul It was my turn to speak now.

“If I decide to do, will YOU take the risk?”

“I will NOT say no!” he said.

I saw a glow in his eyes. It couldn’t be anything else but the glow of the soul from within!

I was sure he too must have seen something similar in my eyes as well.

“Let’s do it!” I heard him saying.

What Is Soul I was supposed to push myself up without any support from below. He was supposed to pull me up with all his might. And the two actions were supposed to be absolutely synchronized with each other. A single second gap would be sufficient to render both of us dead.

We counted aloud together… “ONE’… “TWO”… “THREE”

And I was up on the platform the next moment!

We inhaled, then exhaled and then lied down relaxed on the grass.

It was a miracle of soul.

Mind body soul comes into action when nothing else works!

What Is Mind Body Spirit?

What Is Spirit When mind body turns into a dynamic entity, it automatically summons up the spirit into your mind body system.

You always see people around you with different levels of energy in their being. Don’t you?

The ultimate aim of curing mind body system with chakra healing is turning one spirited in every walk of life. It’s the level of spirit in one’s mind body system that takes care of almost every single problem inflicting life.

What Is Mind Body Spirit As my story goes further, I have most successfully been able to structure a miraculous program connecting mind body spirit. It’s titled Awakening to Spirit: Guided Meditation for Chakra Cleansing in Bangalore.

In case you are located in Bangalore, you can easily meet me in person to pursue the said program. But even if you are outside Bangalore or even outside India anywhere in world, I am just an email away. Write to me on ask@7chakras.org and we will take things further from there.

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