Guided Chakra Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore: Empty Your Mind

Empty Your Mind: Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore

Guided Chakra Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore: Empty Your Mind

Guided chakra meditations for healing chakras at 7 Chakras are skeletal chakra meditations done under guidance of expert skeletal chakra healers. You need to empty your mind for the purpose.

Let’s first investigate a little deeper into what meditation really means. There is many a myth prevailing in the name of meditation all over the world. The words used to explain it are at times not only vague but also in conflict with its real meaning. Like meditation is widely associated with mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meaning

Have you ever asked yourself what mindfulness is?

Mindfulness They say mindfulness means focusing mind on a particular thought, a particular thing or a particular action. People sit down in a cross-legged posture and start making all efforts to channelize their mind.

But mind as such is a fidgety child! It doesn’t pay much heed to their efforts. In fact it loves to keep jumping from one casual thought, thing or action to another like a monkey.

You try to discipline it with your determination. It doesn’t say no. But then it stealthily slips away from under your attentive control to some of its other casual concerns. You always need to keep bringing it back to the track that you have decided for it to move along.

But the problem is it gets bored over there. The very nature of mind is to keep jumping from one concern to another. And the reason is that it is full of them not only consciously but unconsciously as well. It tends to keep scanning what all is there in its consciousness and below it unconsciously.

It’s this that mindfulness at its best can take you up to. You always need to keep exerting pressure of your determination to tame it the way you want it to behave. 

But then, who is this ‘you’ who is making all this Herculean effort to tame your mind? Isn’t it a part of your mind alone?

Mind Is A Monkey

Mindfulness It’s like a part of mind trying to control the rest of it against itself! It tires us. That is why people tend to start dozing while trying hard to meditate. What it can do at best is sedate your mind which people often take as relaxation achieved by meditation.

But a sedated mind is far from a meditative mind. A sedated mind never gets relaxed. It can only get lethargic. Relaxation and lethargy are two absolutely different things poles apart from each other. A lethargic mind is a stressed mind exactly like an anxious mind or else a bored mind is.

So what do we really mean by mindfulness?

Nothing in reality, I guess. But it does sound to be an intention in the right direction! 

Though it doesn’t totally achieve what we would expect from it yet it expresses our intention to do so. Having an intention to fight is half the battle won! We only need to look for some better strategies to win the entire war conclusively. 

I think we are standing on our head in a head-stand posture and looking at it in the reverse order. The reverse order speaks of developing attention to achieve bliss. What if we are able to achieve bliss another simpler way and end up developing attention as a free bonus?  

Empty Your Mind

Empty Your Mind What we really need for being in a meditative state is an empty mind. If it’s full, it will compartmentalize itself in various fragments, each fragment having its own interests, fears and priorities. The said fragments are in conflict with one another, hence they often keep fighting among themselves. This infighting keeps us tired and inefficient all day long. That’s what motivates us to go for meditation and fall into the same pattern of tiring ourselves with further efforts.

Meditation as a state has no place for making any kind of mental effort. But mind is always full of making efforts against its own fragmented selves.

In order to be in a meditative state, you need to come out of your mind into your biological self. That’s how you empty your mind!

But why do it for a certain duration of time alone? Why not to be in a meditative state 24 hours a day for 365 days a year or better, lifelong?

Can You Ever Empty Your Mind?  

Empty Your Mind Is that possible? Can we ever empty our mind? Can you ever empty your mind?

In fact, you can very easily do so. Emptying your mind means emptying yourself of all your beliefs, emotions and morals to be left with your instincts alone. It amounts to be left with your biological self alone with all your knowledge acquired in your brain cells intact.

Emptying the mind instantaneously fills us with the joy of instinctive passion that had hitherto been lying suppressed all through. It’s not only suppressed, a huge part of it also lies repressed through a fragmented mind’s beliefs, emotions and morals. The moment you empty your mind, the instinctive passion fills your entire body with its joy and its energy. Especially so in the head at the seat of the crown chakra! This energy frees the brain from the yoke of mind that had hitherto been limiting its efficiency, instantaneously. It starts thinking creatively with its full efficiency and takes actions spontaneously without any doubt on its part.

But How to Empty Your Mind?

Empty Your mind We do it with guided meditations for healing chakras at 7 Chakras. These guided meditations are biological meditations instead of mental ones that mainstream meditation is replete with all over the world.

Biological meditations start with correcting the anatomy of our skeletal joints with their associated muscles, nerves and blood vessels along. This is an innovative procedure that opens chakras at an incredibly fast speed. And certainly these guided meditations for healing chakras are to be done under guidance of an expert skeletal chakra healer.

This guidance plays its role in the form of a two way communication between the meditator and the chakra healer. It includes extremely subtle biological instructions from the skeletal chakra healer along with instant feedbacks from the meditator. Thus these guided meditations for healing chakras make these meditation sessions highly interactive. The scripts of guided meditations for healing chakras are not static, working mechanically. They are rather spontaneously created on the spur of the moment depending on the dynamic statuses of meditator and healer.

Once all the chakras are opened through skeletal re-posturing, the next guided meditations for healing chakras are initiated. Skeletal re-posturing corrects the anatomy of the skeletal joints with their associated muscles, nerves and blood vessels along.

Once the anatomy has been set right, physiology must follow suit. That’s what gets done with the next sessions of these guided meditations for healing chakras.

Next Rounds of Guided Chakra Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore

Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore The next rounds of sessions are responsible for turning the skeletal anatomical corrections to their physiological consequences. This is the phase that initiates smooth flow of energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra via spine. It amounts to a dramatically enhanced communication between the gut and the brain via the vagus nerve.

It not only initiates an extreme joy and enhanced energy from instinctive passion but also turns brain efficient and insightful. This enhanced intelligence takes care of life way better than an ever chattering and hopelessly fragmented mind had ever done.

If the results are so revolutionary, why would we want to go back to the mind’s domain ever again? A non-meditative state falls under the domain of mind controlling life with all its lifestyle diseases and deficiencies. In fact a meditative state is an energetic state under the domain of brain facilitating life with wellness and efficiency.

If we are able to do so, we will never need to sit for another meditation session in life again. The lifestyle itself becomes a lifelong meditative session with all its benefits to enjoy every single moment.  

Meditation Vs Meditative State

Meditation Vs Meditative State But then, how to make this meditative state to be one’s first nature?

That is what guided meditations for healing chakras at 7 Chakras aim at. Whatever you achieve, you need to make it your first nature with all its joy, energy and passion becoming the driving force of your life.

And it is certainly possible as well as tempting to do so the way they have been designed. It’s possible because they are body-centric and simple to adopt once you have gotten an insight into their subtleties.

That’s what all the scripts of guided meditations for healing chakras are, i.e., getting an insight into their subtleties. They are so dynamically subtle that electronic recordings or video instructions would reduce them to an insufficient one way communication. In fact, the scripts of our guided meditations for healing chakras need to be an interactive spontaneous communication from both sides. You need to do them yourself with the help of unwritten interactive scripts coming from experienced skeletal chakra healers alone. On your part, you add to these unwritten interactive scripts through providing your feedback on the spur of the moment.

Skeletal Meditations

Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore This all is a very subtle skeletal posturing that makes it possible for us to take a skeletal leap. We call them skeletal leaps as each one of them ends up as a giant skeletal leap for the humankind. That is why we call skeletal meditation the mother of all meditations on earth. At times, even a few millimeters of skeletal maneuver are sufficient enough to create a totally new experience. The experience can be that of perception, action or the flow of energy in the vicinity of the maneuver. These slight, tiny maneuvers at specific skeletal points make all the difference on earth. In fact, it’s a series of skeletal meditations that need to be done under a live and spontaneous unscripted guidance. That is how it makes them a series of extremely subtle guided meditations.

These guided meditations for healing chakras are purely biological in their form and structure. But they are real miracles! They have a miraculous capacity to allow energy automatically start flowing uninterrupted through the body. There are various different skeletal postural adjustments to be made for various different purposes. That is what opening various different chakras means.

Make Skeletal Meditation Your First Nature

Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore We need to make these skeletal meditations our first nature 24x7x365. It’s to be done at the level of keeping our skeletal posture right for all 24 hours of the day. Once it has become our first nature, we enter a perennial state that is meditative every single moment. Moreover, we don’t need to sit for that particular skeletal meditation ever again. In fact, it becomes a part and parcel of our existence without any effort involved in keeping it up. That’s because they end up granting us partial salvations (freedoms) at the levels of their specific targets. Thus going up along their hierarchical levels, it’s easily possible to embrace complete salvation (freedom) as well.

Once we are there, we only need to take care we never fall back into our old skeletal posture again.

List of Guided Chakra Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore

At 7 Chakras, we offer the following guided meditations for healing chakras. As I have already told you before that we call them skeletal leaps. And we do so as each one of them ends up as a giant skeletal leap for the humankind:

More Guided Chakra MedItations for Healing Chakras As Part of Above Meditations

The above-mentioned guided meditations that 7 Chakras offers also take care of the following as added benefits to them. It’s because their process is a part of those that we have offered above…

Create Your Personal Heaven on Earth

Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore

Do you feel like experiencing any of the 6 guided meditation packages offered above?

If yes, which one of them do you feel you require the most?

In fact, there are quite a few common points included in all of them. But then at one or the other point along their exposition, they all take their different specific turns. They have been designed so in order to serve their different specific purposes in the best possible way.

Which one of them do you feel the most passionate about?

Just pick up one of your choice and then write us an email on We will pick up the thread and take it further from there.  We will help you plan your excursion to the miraculous world of guided meditations for healing chakras at 7 Chakras.

Let’s create our personal heaven on earth! 

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Chakra HealerSince many people asked me for it, I have started opening chakras professionally. I train people by re-posturing their bodies for good. I offer Single-Person Guided Meditations named Skeletal Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore for the same at my center comprising two 8-hour sessions on two consecutive days.

I also provide a FREE 3-month training on How to Improve Eyesight Instantly Fast by Guided Chakra Yoga Meditation in Bangalore. Anyone from anywhere throughout the world is welcome to join the same. Just write an email to me and I will take things further from there.

Opening 7 chakras tends to eradicate chronic lifestyle diseases like sex problems, obesity, eye vision problems, constipation, back pains, breathing problems, heart condition, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, spondylitis and chronic headaches to name a few.

Opening chakras also tends to unblock the flow of Kundalini through its spinal path in the body. In fact it spiritually uplifts the level of energy in the body and the mind. As a result this enhanced level of energy takes care of almost all the psychological problems which afflict the majority of humanity today.

And the good news is that it works at any and every age. Age is simply no bar at all!

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