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Techniques to Relax: Guided Chakra Meditation for Relaxation in Bangalore

At 7 Chakras, we offer Guided Chakra Meditation for Relaxation in Bangalore including Techniques to Relax.

Relaxation is not only a psychological state of mind but also a physiological state of body. We generally confuse it with the state of lethargy, both in the mind as well as in the body. The difference between the two is very thin but their effects are phenomenally opposite.


In the state of relaxation, both the mind and the body are absolutely ready to jump into any action, whatever. Although they are ready but they are relaxed. The muscles are relaxed but ready to act instantaneously. Hence the state is appraised as ‘ready and relaxed’. It’s a state of a mild ecstasy with total awareness and interest in the surroundings. Hence, it’s an active yet meditative state in which the person peacefully stays in the mode of parasympathetic nervous system. 


Contrary to this, lethargy is a passive state of mind as well as of the body. The muscles of the body are not really relaxed but lie frozen in their habitual disposition, not ready to act. It’s a state of mild stupor with decreased awareness and interest in the surroundings. Hence, it’s a passive and non-meditative state in which the person stays with a compromised level of passion and energy for life. It’s an antithesis of the state of anxiety, still having many commons between the two. Unfortunately it is a swing between these two states that the major chunk of humanity lives in, presently.

Therefore, we need to make it a point to differentiate between these two states despite a sociolinguistic confusion between them. It will help us to avoid creating illusions in our mind.

Faulty Techniques to Relax in Vogue: Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training

I have specially emphasized this point here because it’s not only the folklore that’s at fault. In fact, even the mainstream psychology through its Autogenic Training for desensitization-relaxation technique is promoting lethargy rather than relaxation. Relaxation and desensitization are 180 degree opposite to each other. The real relaxation can only be achieved through optimum sensitization.

It also advocates hypnosis as a relaxation technique that is as far from truth as fire from water. A hypnotic state is an absolute antithesis of a meditative state. A hypnotic trance is simply a lethargic trance that brings heaviness to the body and the mind.

In fact autogenic training is just a modified form of hypnosis that presents itself as old wine in new bottle. 

Faulty Techniques to Relax in Vogue: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Another relaxation technique in vogue is named Progressive Muscle Relaxation. It uses tensing and then relaxing each muscle group in order to subjectively learn the  difference between the two sensations.

But progressive muscle relaxation is also working along a flawed assumption. Though through tensing and relaxing, the subject may subjectively learn the tense sensation but never the relaxed one. It’s because the subject’s muscles just don’t know what an absolute relaxed sensation is. What they sense is just a relatively relaxed sensation and not an absolute one. In fact their bodies have forgotten what a really relaxed muscle feels like. This is what I call the unconscious domain of physiology, borrowing this expression from the ‘unconscious domain of psychology’.

How did I come to know about this fact?

An Interesting Story of Curing Myopia through Muscle Relaxation

An Interesting Story Of Curing Myopia Through Muscle Relaxation

Well, it’s a very interesting story. I was born a myopic but later I corrected my vision through opening my crown chakra with skeletal meditation. For this, I had to relax my skull muscles, namely frontalis, temporalis and occipitalis. That is how skeletal meditation opens the crown chakra through relaxing frontalis, temporalis and occipitalis. Once it is able to do so, it further needs to make this objectively relaxed state one’s first nature. Making it one’s first nature means perceiving this objectively relaxed state as a subjectively relaxed sensation. When I started relaxing them, they would rather feel like I was tensing them in place of relaxing.

Why? And how did I know I was really relaxing them and not tensing them rather?

Let me answer the second question first. I knew it from the feedback that I received in terms of acuteness of vision every time I ‘relaxed’ them.

Let me answer the first question now. The above-mentioned three muscles in my skull had gotten habituated to perceive their already tense state as relaxed. Hence when I maneuvered them objectively to the real relaxed state, they sensed it as a tense state. It was so although they subjectively sensed this tension as a stretch and not a contraction of the said muscles. But it did tire them in the beginning like it did tire me as well.

And they did keep tiring me until  they turned their objectively relaxed states perceiving like subjectively relaxed sensations. 

The Unconscious Domain of Body Sensations

The Unconscious Domain Of Body Sensations: 20/20 Vision

In fact they revealed their unconscious domain of body sensations when they made it their first nature. It was a rare feat of turning the unconscious domain of body sensations conscious. And as it happened, my myopia just vanished into thin air recording 20/20 vision at my optometrist’s equipment. At the same time, it also recorded my near vision as acute as even better than N6, in fact N3! 

This is what we should mean by relaxation when we use it in terms of relaxing the body. It objectively relaxes the body along with its muscles, nerves and blood vessels. The body may take some time to subjectively perceive this objectively relaxed state as a relaxed sensation. Once it has done so, the mind follows suit revealing its unconscious domain and thus turning it conscious.

Techniques to Relax: Guided Chakra Meditation for Relaxation in Bangalore

Techniques To Relax: Guided Chakra Meditation For Relaxation In Bangalore As The Right Answer

As this relaxation process carries on extending its sphere from skull alone to enveloping the entire body, the miracle happens. This order, starting from skull to go on extending its sphere enveloping the entire body, is not a necessary order. It just happened so with me as I started my journey of total body relaxation with correcting my vision first.

I had an advantage of getting regular feedback in terms of changing acuteness of vision in response to muscular relaxation. Someone else may have some other kind of an objective feedback in some other part of the body. The crux of the insight is looking for an objective feedback in response to a muscle relaxation process anywhere. That is how we work with guided chakra meditation for relaxation in Bangalore now.

This is what the reality is.

And then, there is a bigger reality than this!

Almost 100% People Have Vision Problems

Relaxation Guided Meditation In Bangalore: Almost 100% People Have Vision Problems

27% of the world’s population (1.45 billion people) is myopic.

33.5% of the world’s population (1.8 billion people) is presbyopic.

30.6% of the world’s population (1.64 billion people) is hyperopic.

32.2% of the world’s population (1.73 billion people) is astigmatic.

These data include astigmatics in the first three refractive errors of vision too. But the rest three are all exclusive of one another. 

Relaxation Guided Meditation In Bangalore: Almost 100% People Have Vision Problems

Add another fat percentage of those who are free from any refractive error at the moment. They are also going to contract presbyopia as soon as they enter their forties. They actually have a low grade of latent hyperopia which gets hidden by the fattening action of natural crystalline lens. It remains hidden until their natural crystalline lens can no more fatten around the age of 40. 

You can very well see that almost the entire population of the world has some problem in their eye vision. Or else they will have it in near future as soon as they enter their forties. It simply means that they are not relaxed at least in the skull part of their bodies.

Techniques to Relax: Relaxing The Skull Like I Did Mine & Extending It Further 

Techniques To Relax: Relaxing The Skull Like I Did Mine &Amp; Extending It Further

Why is it so that an entire species got inflicted by poor eye vision?

There have been two reasons responsible for this. The first one is that the bipedal evolution has been quite a recent phenomenon starting just 7 million years ago. Hence it is still in the process of getting completed in a flawless manner. The eyesight suffered the most during the evolution from quadrupedalism to bipedalism which is still in the process of its completion.

Our species needs to complete this evolution in a conscious manner now.

The second reason is that the sociocultural evolution of homo sapiens has been quite a flawed one the world over. It has been responsible for a number of lifestyle diseases, vision problems being the most prevalent of them all. 

I was a part of it which I no more am. 

This means we can at least take care of our individual selves and extricate ourselves out of this vicious circle.

And once we are individually out of it, it becomes our ethical responsibility to try changing the flawed sociocultural evolution. 

Techniques to Relax: : Guided Meditation for Relaxation Creating A Personal Heaven on Earth

Techniques To Relax: Relaxation Guided Meditation In Bangalore Creating A Personal Heaven On Earth

We certainly can relax in the true sense of relaxation through guided chakra meditation for relaxation with techniques to relax. Once we are able to truly relax, we just need to make this meditative state our first nature 24×7.

That is how we can create our personal heaven on earth. Once a critical number of such personal heavens is there in place, a chain reaction will tend to start. A critical number of such personal heavens will tend to affect the sociocultural evolution creating a collective heaven on earth.

Human life may turn to be really worth living; both, health wise and socioculturally, on this planet then!

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What is the best relaxation technique?

The best relaxation technique is stretching the full body which almost everyone intuitively does occasionally, accompanied by an intuitive emphasis on exhalation in the process.

How relaxation can reduce stress?

Relaxation and stress are antonyms. Stress simply means that body has reached a state of tension in its muscles and nerves. Once you truly relax them in their totality, stress automatically vanishes.

What is emotional relaxation?

Emotional relaxation is not different from body relaxation, the two being the two sides of the same coin. Truly relaxing the body relaxes its muscles and nerves, turning emotions into passion.

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