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Smiling with Eyes: Smize Guided Chakra Meditation for Bright Eyes Shining in Bangalore

At 7 Chakras, we offer Smize Guided Chakra Meditation for Bright Eyes Shining in Bangalore making you start smiling with eyes.

Smize Means Smiling with The Eyes

Here is what Macmillan Dictionary has to say about it…

Even if you haven’t yet come across the word, the concept it represents will be familiar to you. It’s the warmth and positivity that a person can instinctively convey by contorting the muscles in and around their eyes.

The word was coined in 2009 by US model and television personality Tyra Banks. She had first used it on reality TV series America’s Next Top Model.

Banks used the term when teaching contestants to bring expression to their eyes. It was whilst keeping the rest of their face neutral, a customary practice in modeling.

Though the word is novel, the concept it represents is timeless. It had already been observed in Renaissance portrait art through to the silent movies of the 1920s. That was the time when stars such as Charlie Chaplin were the masters of it.

Smizing is also linked to the 1960s concept of a micro expression. It was a term popularized more recently by US psychologist Paul Ekman. Paul has been a pioneer in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. 

Ekman describes micro expressions as involuntary facial expressions, which occur within a fraction of a second, often without our knowing. In fact, they cause ’emotional leakage’, i.e., expose our true feelings.

Source: MACMILLAN DICTIONARY  2021, BUZZWORD smize, Macmillan Education Limited, accessed 23 April 2022 <https://www.macmillandictionary.com/buzzword/entries/smize.html>

Tyra Banks’ Arrow Hit Me Hard

So, Tyra had shot her arrow in 2009. It might have kept moving straight in the direction she had shot it in. It was until it hit me in 2022 in another part of the planet with a totally different connotation. 

Though it did hit me hard, it didn’t hurt me at all. It rather invigorated me.

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks

Tyra might have coined it for flirtatious connotations in her world, it hurled me rolling deep into a meditative state. It immediately turned my face smiling with my eyes that I could easily verify in a mirror. My face had started glowing with two bright eyes shining entirely changing the expression that it exuded. For the first time in my life, I fell in love with my own face. And so did everyone else whoever I showed it to! I didn’t know that time that I was sowing the seeds of what would develop into a full-fledged tree. This is what we offer as Guided Meditation for Bright Eyes Shining in Bangalore making you start smiling with your eye.

How come I was able to slide so instantaneously into this deep meditative state?

How had I immediately spotted the biological miracle hidden inside the very concept of the word?

Smiling with The Eys: Guided Chakra Meditation for Bright Eyes Shining in Bangalore

Smiling With Eyes: Guided Chakra Meditation For Bright Eyes Shining In Bangalore

Here is the reason…

Those were the days when I was busy with my research in an absolutely different discipline. It was only later that I came to realize that both were not really different in their basic essence. In fact, they were the two sides of the same coin!

This was the reason that I was instantaneously able to slide into the said meditative state. It had resulted from a self-induced guided meditation for bright eyes shining making me start smiling with my eyes.

More importantly, I was able to permanently settle myself in the said meditative state that day onward. Now I live with it in a creatively active meditative state 24 x 7 x 365!

You might wonder what it was that I was doing.

Central Fixation

Central Fixation

Here is what it was…

I was finalizing the subtleties in the physical procedure of achieving a mind body state called central fixation. It was central fixation of the eye, of the body and of the mind.

I just took a temporary break from the heavy stuff and set my eyes into a casual, intentional smile. 

I spontaneously discovered that I had set my eyes in the exact mode of central fixation of the eye. And I immediately spotted the similarity between the two.

I was smizing.

I was smiling with my eyes.

It added a beautiful shine to them.

In fact I had discovered the miraculous guided meditation for bright eyes shining making one start smiling with the eyes.

Smiling With Eyes: Guided Chakra Meditation For Bright Eyes Shining In Bangalore

But by now you might have started wondering what central fixation means.

Central fixation means doing best what we are doing.

Central fixation of the eyes means seeing best what our eyes are looking at. It manifests through making its image exactly at fovea on retina.

Central fixation of the body means doing best what our body is doing. It manifests through centering it at its core (hara in Japanese), two inches below navel.

Central fixation of the mind means focusing best on what our brain is thinking. It manifests through emptying the mind.

All three of them have separate skeletal posturing codes taking one to the said states of central fixation.

Central Fixation Vs Smiling with The Eyes

Smiling With Eyes: Guided Chakra Meditation For Bright Eyes Shining In Bangalore

Smiling with the eyes just follows one of such codes. But its beauty is that it’s always present as an essential part of all the rest. In fact, it automatically slips into the rest of all the codes.

Whichever mode of central fixation we are in, we always automatically start smiling with our eyes.

Hence guided meditation for bright eyes shining making one start smiling with one’s eyes is just one of many skeletal meditations.

Dr W.H.Bates’ 100 Year Old Quote on Central Fixation

Dr W H Bates

Here is a 100 year old quote on central fixation by the famous ophthalmologist Dr W.H.Bates:

Not only do all errors of refraction and all functional disturbances of the eye disappear when it sees by central fixation, but many organic conditions are relieved or cured. I am unable to set any limits to its possibilities. I would not have ventured to predict that glaucoma, incipient cataract and syphilitic iritis could be cured by central fixation; but it is a fact that these conditions have disappeared when central fixation was attained. Relief was often obtained in a few minutes, and, in rare cases, this relief was permanent.”

“Usually, however, a permanent cure required more prolonged treatment. Inflammatory conditions of all kinds, including inflammation of the cornea, iris, conjunctiva, the various coats of the eyeball and even the optic nerve itself, have been benefited by central fixation after other methods had failed. Infections, as well as diseases caused by protein poisoning and the poisons of typhoid fever, influenza, syphilis and gonorrhea, have also been benefited by it. Even with a foreign body in the eye there is no redness and no pain so long as central fixation is retained.”

The Quote Continues Further…

Since central fixation is impossible without mental control, central fixation of the eye means central fixation of the mind. It means, therefore, health in all parts of the body, for all the operations of the physical mechanism depend upon the mind. Not only the sight, but all the other senses—touch, taste, hearing and smell—are benefited by central fixation. All the vital processes—digestion, assimilation, elimination, etc.—are improved by it. The symptoms of functional and organic diseases are relieved. The efficiency of the mind enormously increases. The benefits of central fixation already observed are, in short, so great that the subject merits further investigation.”

Source: W. H. BATES, M.D. (1920) “The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment without Glasses (Chapter 11, Page 122)”. CENTRAL FIXATION PUBLISHING CO. NEW YORK CITY. Retrieved on 23 April 2022 from <https://s3.amazonaws.com/free-pdf-books/bates-pswg-text.pdf>

The subject does merit further investigation.

Skeletal Meditations Vs Smiling with The Eyes

Smiling With Eyes: Guided Chakra Meditation For Bright Eyes Shining In Bangalore

And so do skeletal meditations, smiling with the eyes being just one of the so many that there are!

In fact it has great promises hidden in its activation in all the three procedures of central fixation. Namely, these are central fixation of the eyes, central fixation of the body and central fixation of the mind.

In its entirety, I have named it Skeletal Leap. I call it the mother of all meditations on earth.

Smiling With Eyes: Guided Chakra Meditation For Bright Eyes Shining In Bangalore

Skeletal Leap investigates into integrating skeletal re-posturing with central fixation for various different concerns of humanity. 

The way it works is through maneuvering the body skeleton the way it should posture itself dynamically while making movements.

It works wonders!

Would you like to learn and practice guided meditation for bright eyes shining making you start smiling with the eyes too?

Why wouldn’t you? In fact, you ought to!

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What is it called when you smile with your eyes?

When you smile with your eyes, it’s called central fixation of the eyes. It not only makes your eyes shining but also turns their vision acute whether it’s the far vision or else the near vision.

Is it normal to smile with your eyes?

It’s not normal to smile with your eyes in the present scenario of lifestyle diseases that a major chunk of humanity is afflicted with. But if you decide to turn healthy, it will be a new desirable normal.

Is eye smile attractive?

Eye smile is not only attractive, it’s also turns your eyes way more functional as far as the acuteness of vision is concerned. It happens when you have opened third eye chakra and crown chakra.

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Guided Chakra Meditation for Bright Eyes Shining | 7 Chakras
Guided Chakra Meditation For Bright Eyes Shining | 7 Chakras

At 7 Chakras, we offer Smize Guided Chakra Meditation for Bright Eyes Shining in Bangalore making you start smiling with eyes.

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