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Facelift Surgery Complications: Guided Chakra Meditation for Natural Facelift in Bangalore

At 7 Chakras, we offer Guided Chakra Meditation for Natural Facelift in Bangalore bypassing Facelift Surgery Complications.

Facelift surgery aka rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery for surgical removal of wrinkles on face. It gives a younger look to the face of the person concerned. The procedure has passed through many different phases of its development since its inception in the beginning of twentieth century.

Facelift Surgery

Historical Phases

Facelift Surgery

Cutaneous Period: during 1900 to 1970, the skin was cut, stretched up, re-stitched and the extra part was removed.

SMAS Period: during 1970 to 1980, the procedure moved to subfacial deeper layer dissection. It was named Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) and showed better results.

Deep Plane Period: during 1980 to 1991, the procedure moved on to subperiosteal dissection. It elevated the soft tissue adjacent to the skull providing better results than before.

Volumetric Period: 1991 onwards, the procedure has started focusing on restoring the lost subcutaneous volume with age. The lift is done in cranial direction rather than in posterior providing still better results than before.


Facelift Surgery

Today, the procedure starts with making an incision in front of the ear. It further moves curving below it and then behind up to the neck hairline. After separating the skin from the deeper tissues, the tissues are tightened and the skin is stretched. The extra skin is removed and incisions are sutured.

There are quite a few alternatives that the procedure may proceed along. Such a wide choice does offer options to choose but at times may be confusing, causing numerous complications. The names of these alternatives are… 

  • Facelift Surgery SMAS Lift: secures SMAS layer of tissues
  • Deep Plane Facelift: sets the deepening of nasolabial fold more precisely 
  • Composite Facelift: goes still deeper
  • Mid Facelift: focuses on the mid-face area between cheeks
  • Mini Facelift: excludes neck-lift
  • Subperiosteal Facelift: lifts soft tissues vertically
  • Skin-only Facelift: only the skin isfacelifted
  • Thread Lift: uses silicone thread to pull the skin up non-surgically
  • MACS Facelift: means Minimal Access Cranial Suspension facelift elevating sagging tissues by suspending them from above


Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery is more an art than a plain surgical skill alone. If the facelift plastic surgeon is not highly experienced and imaginative, complications may end up as nightmarish. Even minor asymmetries left on the face not only look unaesthetic but also obstruct normal symmetrical movements on both sides. 

There are possibilities of numerous post-operative complications that keep lurking during a lengthy downtime associated with it. Here is a list of such probable complications… 

  • Facelift Surgery Arterial bleeding after surgery can be dangerous at times
  • Nerve injury can be temporary but at times permanent as well.
  • Skin necrosis is another complication especially for smokers. 
  • Hair-loss from alopecia in the region of neck hairline incisions is common.
  • Ear lowering pulls ears down by around one cm and changes their angle by around 10 degrees 
  • Post-surgery infection can also be one of the rare surgery complications. 



Facelift surgery cost varies from country to country ranging between US$ 2,500 in developing countries and US$ 15,000 in developed.

Isn’t it a tremendously high cost  for a temporary cosmetic surgery that won’t stay for more than a few years? One needs to go for another round of it after a few years for the next few years again.

Is there any other option available in that case?   

Guided Chakra Meditation for Natural Facelift in Bangalore

Facelift Surgery Complications - Guided Chakra Meditation For Natural Facelift In Bangalore

Natural facelift is certainly a way better option than even the best facelift surgery available from the best surgeons anytime.

It is better since it tremendously slows down aging and wrinkling for lifelong! Not only this, it also makes you otherwise healthy keeping all lifestyle diseases away.

In fact it is an integral part of central fixation of eyes, central fixation of body and central fixation of mind.

Central Fixation of The Eyes

Central Fixation Of The Eyes

Smize Guided Meditation for Shining Eyes is just one of them dealing with face in its entirety. It not only provides a lifelong shine to the eyes, it also cures them of all the errors of refraction. Myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism become things of the past. Dark circles under eyes are no more to be seen. On top of it, tension headache simply disappears even if it afflicted one regularly in the past. The jawline acquires a new shape preventing dental complications like deep bite, teeth grinding and bruxism.

Central Fixation of The Body

Central Fixation Of The Body

It doesn’t stop there alone. Guided Chakra Meditation for Body Centering imparts central fixation of the body creating a support system for central fixation of eyes. Thus guided meditation for facelift adds another dimension to facelift keeping it activated for lifelong.

Central Fixation of The Mind

There is a third element added to this natural procedure of facelift as well. Guided meditation for natural facelift includes Mindfulness Guided Chakra Meditation activating central fixation of the mind as its integral part. This provides the most basic support system required for central fixation of the body and central fixation of the eyes.

Guided Chakra Meditation For Natural Facelift

As our guided meditations are skeletal in their modus operandi, they work best with joints, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. That is what facelift requires in order to uplift the entire face with its skin along deeper tissues below.

In short, guided meditation for facelift in Bangalore provides a perfect facelift bypassing all complications. Once you have learned how to make it your first nature, you no more require doing anything else. It becomes the way of your life rejuvenating you with every single breath you inhale and exhale.

The Final Phase

That is what finally completes the procedure of guided chakra meditation for facelift. Once you acquire central fixation of eyes, of the body and of the mind, you just need to change the way you breathe. It entails extending the diaphragmatic pattern of breathing through lengthening exhalation a little longer than inhalation.

Facelift Surgery Complications - Guided Chakra Meditation For Natural Facelift In Bangalore

This final phase of guided meditation for facelift turns it into a miracle. You become the master of your own facelift procedure every single moment. Your eyes permanently start shining with a joyful smile in their attractive expression that we call smize. Smize literally means smiling with eyes! Eye vision turns permanently acute whether far or near. Dark circles under eyes start vanishing fast. Tension headaches trouble you no more at all. The jawline turns rejuvenated, aligning the upper and the lower dentures in the same plane. They also acquire an ideal distance of 2 mm to 4 mm between them rendering the skull muscles completely relaxed. 

Guided meditation for facelift not only turns you looking younger and more beautiful but it also turns you much healthier than before. 

Choice Is Yours

The choice is yours. Do you want to repeated keep paying for facelift surgery every few years with possible facelift surgery complications every time? Or else would you prefer learning guided chakra meditation for facelift in Bangalore making it your first nature for lifelong?

The final decision is always yours!

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How can I lift my face naturally?

You can easily lift your face naturally through opening the skull chakras, namely the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Once they are open, your skin automatically gets pulled up and out.

What is the most natural facelift?

Guided chakra meditation provides the most natural lift tightening the entire skin on the face through pulling it up and out. It is also called the central fixation of the eyes adding shine to them.

How can I make my face look younger without surgery?

You can very easily make your face look younger without surgery through relaxing the muscles in the skull which immediately pulls the skin on your face up and out removing all wrinkles on it.

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Guided Chakra Meditation for Natural Facelift | 7 Chakras
Guided Chakra Meditation For Natural Facelift | 7 Chakras

At 7 Chakras, we offer Guided Chakra Meditation for Natural Facelift in Bangalore bypassing facelift surgery complications.

Service Type: Guided Chakra Meditation for Natural Facelift

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