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Endorphin Boost: Guided Chakra Meditation for Endorphin Release in Bangalore 

At 7 Chakras, we offer Guided Chakra Meditation for Endorphin Release in Bangalore targeting an endorphin boost in the pituitary gland.

Endorphin Chemical Formula, Neurotransmitter Molecule

Endorphins are peptide hormones and endogenous opioid neuropeptides produced and stored in the pituitary gland. They have three categories of three different classes, alpha-endorphin, beta-endorphin and gamma-endorphin. All three function through binding with mu-opioid receptors, especially the beta=endorphin with the highest affinity with it.

Endorphins play their major role in blocking the communication of pain signals through the body. It enables a state of euphoria including pleasure, a deep interest, elation and an extreme sense of well-being. That is what we also know as the state of flow and that runners and dancers frequently experience. It makes them totally focused onto whatever that they are doing but with total awareness and full control over it.

Words may not convey what it feels like under the effect of endorphin boost but maybe my firsthand story does. It was all without guided meditation for endorphin release that it spontaneously took place.

The Story of My “Runners Euphoria” AKA “State of Flow” Experience

Doing It For The Endorphins

The incident took place in 1978. It was the year when I had shifted from my small town in the hills of the Himalayas to Delhi.

I would everyday go for running in the evening. Generally it used to be half an hour of running everyday. But that day, I didn’t stop after half an hour and continued running further. It was tiring but I didn’t stop. I still continued running. One hour passed. I was nearly exhausted but I still didn’t stop. And I still remember my feeling behind doing so. In fact I was simply teasingly flirting with myself.

I kept running. One and a half hours had passed. I had reached almost the point of ultimate exhaustion in my body. I still kept running, thinking I would fall down on the road at the most in the worst case.

But it was not to happen. On the contrary, something else did. At one moment, all my tiredness suddenly went away. I felt a sudden surge of a very cool and relaxed energy in my body. I felt immensely fresh like I was not running at all, I was rather floating in the air. And I felt like I could keep running till eternity without even making any effort at all. 

Ingesting The Experience

Ingesting Endorphins

At that point, I decided to stop in order to perceive more deeply what had happened to me. I started walking and looking around. I kept feeling I was floating. Everything in front of my eyes started looking much brighter to me. I remember the feeling of awe that I was going through as I walked on the road back home.

Finally, I reached home and sat down in a chair ingesting deep within what I was experiencing.

After about an hour of keeping sitting in the chair, I was back to my old habitual self. I looked around in the literature for any reference of what I had gone through. And I came to discover I had undergone a classical experience of the state of flow. It’s also known as ‘being in the zone’. 

In the ancient Indian practice of Raja Yoga, the state of flow has the name Samyama meaning integration. It integrates the three top hierarchical steps of Raja Yoga, namely Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi into one single practice.

The State of Flow

Endorphins Are Flowing

The state of flow hasn’t yet been fully understood in terms of its associated cellular processes that make it happen. It still needs further research into it in order to garner various collective benefits it provides, like:

  1. Completely involved in what we are doing – focused, concentrated.
  2. A sense of ecstasy of being outside everyday reality
  3. Great inner clarity – knowing what needs to be done, and how well we are doing.
  4. Knowing that the activity is doable – that our skills are adequate to the task.
  5. A sense of serenity – no worries about oneself, and a feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of the ego.
  6. Timelessness – thoroughly focused on the present, hours seem to pass by the minute.
  7. Intrinsic motivation – whatever produces flow becomes its own reward.

Source: Wikipedia 2022, Flow (psychology), accessed 24 April 2022 <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology)>

How to Release Endorphins Naturally

Endorphin Boost: Guided Chakra Meditation For Endorphin Release In Bangalore

It’s envisaged that release of endorphins in brain facilitates the state of flow. It’s possibly an endorphin boost with or without a guided meditation for endorphin release. We only need to know how to release these endorphins naturally through skeletal guided meditation for the purpose.

I kept thinking if we could release endorphins at will and started researching in this discipline. Ultimately after many years, when I was working in the discipline of chakras, I picked the lost thread again. I realized endorphin release was an integral part of opening the crown chakra through skeletal guided meditation for the same.

After Awakening to Spirit – Guided Meditation for Chakra Cleansing in Bangalore, comes the next step. It is the guided meditation for endorphin release to target endorphin boost in the central nervous system in Bangalore. Incidentally it is an integral part of Kundalini Activation Process – Guided Meditation for Kundalini Awakening in Bangalore.

The “Euphoric Neurotransmitter” – How Meditation Boosts Endorphins

Endorphin Boost: Guided Chakra Meditation For Endorphin Release In Bangalore

Responsible for the all-encompassing sense of happiness we sometimes feel, endorphins are a category of neurotransmitters that the body uses as an internal pain killer. A 1995 study (Harte et al) published in the Biological Psychology Journal tested the neurochemical release of two groups — 11 elite runners and 12 highly trained meditators — after running and meditation, respectively. What did they find? Both groups’ endorphin levels were greatly elevated. Perhaps even more amazing, meditation’s “feel-good effect” scored even higher than running!

Joggers have coined the term “runners euphoria” to describe how wonderful the endorphin rush feels after a nice, long run. This happy, zen-like, alert state of bliss can be a powerful and highly pleasurable experience, going a long way to explain why so many runners are addicted to their sport. Luckily, this wonderful mind-state is readily found through meditation. Maybe it is time for meditators to come up with a cool phrase for how good they feel after meditation?

Source: The “Euphoric Neurotransmitter” – How Meditation Boosts Endorphins

Guided Chakra Meditation for Endorphin Release in Bangalore

Endorphins Test

It leaves no doubt in the assertion that guided chakra meditation for endorphin release does generate an endorphin boost. The effect becomes obvious in the central nervous system as well as in the peripheral nervous system.

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What does a release of endorphins feel like?

A release of endorphins takes one to feel a state of euphoria. It is also called the ‘state of flow’. Another name given to it is ‘runner’s high’. It makes you feel very light as if you are floating effortlessly.

Do endorphins make you happy?

It’s something even bigger than happiness. It’s actually a feeling of well-being in the body and the mind. Its effect is different from that of serotonin which makes you feel more energetic than euphoric.

What is the best way to release endorphins?

Guided chakra meditation releases endorphins in the most effective way. Its effect is way more pronounced than ‘runner’s high’ or the ‘state of flow’ that dancers often feel.

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Guided Chakra Meditation for Endorphin Release | 7 Chakras
Guided Chakra Meditation For Endorphin Release | 7 Chakras

At 7 Chakras, we offer Guided Chakra Meditation for Endorphin Release in Bangalore targeting an endorphin boost in the pituitary gland.

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