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Symptoms for Sleep Deprivation: Guided Chakra Meditation for Sleep in Bangalore

At 7 Chakras, we offer skeletal guided chakra meditation for sleep in Bangalore defeating symptoms for sleep deprivation. These symptoms could be there due to various biological sleep disorders including but not limited to those alone.

Biological Sleep Disorders

  • Symptoms For Sleep Deprivation Insomnia – a lack of ability to fall asleep
  • Bruxism – a faulty habit of grinding teeth or clenching jaws
  • Narcolepsy – inability to follow circadian clock 
  • Sleep Apnea – pauses in breathing owing to choked upper airway during sleep
  • Sleep Paralysis – a mysterious state between wakefulness and sleep causing temporary paralysis with intense fear
  • Sleepwalking – acting as awake while actually sleeping

Sociocultural Sleep Disorders

Symptoms For Sleep Deprivation

Here is a partial list of sociocultural sleep disorders responsible for these chronic symptoms:

  • Sleep patterns as a manifestation of modern nightlife culture
  • Mental health gone for a toss under stressful conditions of life
  • Educational exams culture creating acute stress
  • Caffeine consumption as a result of modern culinary lifestyle
  • Hospitalization affecting sleep patterns owing to hospital environment
  • Excessive use of the Internet becoming a cultural addiction via mobiles

What Is Sleep

Let’s first dive deep into what exactly sleep is.

Symptoms For Sleep Deprivation

In fact, no one really knows. We identify ourselves for what we are during our waking hours alone. And that is only two-third of our life. The rest one-third in the domain of sleep is absolutely dark as far as its subjective identification is concerned. Although we do get occasional glimpses into it through dreams at times yet they rarely make much sense of it.

Imagine, we are in total dark regarding one-third of our entire existence the way we live it subjectively!

But our waking reality plunges into deep trouble if we aren’t able to sleep deep for a sufficient duration everyday. That is all we know about this mysterious part of our daily life, something like a partial temporary death everyday!  

Sleep somehow seems to  be a system recharging our exhausted mind body systems to start life afresh the next day.

Physiology of Sleep

Guided Chakra Meditation For Sleep In Bangalore

On the other hand, objectively we have partially been able to learn a bit about its parameters. These parameters are more in the domain of physiology than in the domain of psychology or perception. The first ones of them are our brainwave patterns that exhibit a change in them while we are asleep.

Brainwave Patterns: EEG Recordings

Brainwave patterns are recorded with electroencephalography, in short EEG recording waves of different frequencies and amplitudes. These patterns are of 5 types corresponding to 5 different states of brain activity:

  • Alpha waves: state of conscious rest
  • Beta waves: state of conscious attention
  • Gamma waves: state of acute focus on an action
  • Theta waves: state of transition from wakefulness to sleep stage 1 and 2
  • Delta waves: state of deep sleep stage 3 and 4 

NREM Sleep & REM Sleep: EOG Recordings

Symptoms For Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is also studied with electrooculography, in short EOG. It divides sleep in two main parts:

  • Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep: covers the major chunks of sleep characterized by low body temperature and heart rate. 
  • Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep: covers smaller chunks of sleep characterized  by dreams, rapid eye movements and faster brainwaves. 

Circadian clock

Circadian clock controls the sleeping time through process C via a neurochemical system.


Homeostatis controls the need to sleep (sleep debt) through process C via glycogen depletion and adenosine accumulation in the forebrain.

Sleep Deprivation

Symptoms For Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation characterizes a lack of a healthy duration and quality of sleep as an acute or a chronic condition. It’s to control this deprivation that we occasionally need the skeletal guided meditation for sleep as they develop.


Here is a partial list of these chronic symptoms for sleep deprivation necessitating skeletal guided meditation for sleep:

  • Muscle ache
  • Blurred memory
  • Stress
  • Hypertension
  • Guided Meditation To Sleep In Bangalore Headache
  • Hallucinations
  • Tremors
  • Attention deficit
  • Malaise
  • Lack of immunity
  • Depression
  • Eye styes with puffy eyes
  • Irritability
  • Uncontrolled behavior
  • Guided Meditation To Sleep In Bangalore Mania
  • Loss of composure
  • Nystagmus characterized as an uncontrolled rapid eye movement intermittently 
  • Obesity
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Yawning
  • Sleep inertia
  • Seizures

But the basic question is what causes these chronic symptoms necessitating skeletal guided meditation for sleep.

Modern Symptomatic Approach Versus Pragmatic Wholesome Approach

Guided Chakra Meditation For Sleep In Bangalore

Once we have realized that we need guided meditation for sleep defeating this deprivation, what do we do?

In fact there are two approaches that we can opt for. One of them is going for a symptomatic treatment as and when a trouble arises.

The second one is a more pragmatic approach that doesn’t get satisfied with temporary symptomatic treatments. It prefers a permanent cure rather than temporary treatments.

That is what the difference between our modern symptomatic approach versus the pragmatic wholesome approach toward health is.

Guided Meditation To Sleep In Bangalore

The same difference holds good for the two types of meditation also. In fact what is right now prevailing in the popular domain of meditation is the symptomatic approach. It makes you sit for meditation for a certain duration of time. But as you start feeling some benefit, the session for meditation gets over. You again go back to your old patterns of a faulty lifestyle that had generated a pressing need for it. 

In fact the real meditation should strive to turn into a meditative state as your first nature 24 x 7. Then it becomes a wholesome cure rather than a temporary symptomatic treatment. If it happens so, you will  not need to sit for another session of it ever again.  

Which approach would you prefer to embrace?

The benefit of the wholesome approach is that you no more have to go for repetitive symptomatic treatments ever again.

Skeletal Chakra Meditations

Guided Meditation To Sleep In Bangalore

That is what skeletal chakra meditations strive to do through skeletal re-posturing of joints in an extremely subtle maneuver. These subtle maneuvers are what make spontaneous interactive scripts for skeletal guided meditations as a 2-way communication between them. And that is what guided chakra meditation for sleep defeating symptoms for sleep deprivation does!

Once you have successfully done it through following its skeletal guided meditation script, it’s done for once and for ever. You just need to apply the same skeletal meditation script to make it your first nature 24 x 7. You will never need to sit for guided meditation for sleep defeating these symptoms again!

Hence, it’s rightly said that skeletal meditations are the mother of all meditations on earth!

We go for watering the roots, not the leaves. Join the bandwagon now!

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Why is sleep important?

Waking hours keep CNS on its toes against a constant pull of gravity downward. Sleep is a partly meditative state of greatly reduced physical and mental activity to replete the depleted resources.

How do you explain sleep?

Sleep is just like a holiday from normal activity of wakefulness which is extremely necessary to rejuvenate via repleting depleted resources in its two phases, REM vs Non-REM sleep.

What type of sleep is best?

Deep sleep aka Non-REM sleep works the fastest in repleting the depleted resources. It’s a dreamless state in which even the unconscious parts of the body and the mind stop their activity.

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Revolutionary Guided Chakra Meditation for Sleep | 7 Chakras
Revolutionary Guided Chakra Meditation For Sleep | 7 Chakras

At 7 Chakras, we offer highly effective skeletal guided chakra meditation for sleep in Bangalore defeating symptoms for sleep deprivation.

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