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A Closed Root Chakra Blocking Root Chakra Energy in Bangalore

A closed root chakra blocks root chakra energy flow rising through spine up to the crown chakra.

Root chakra not only induces lifestyle diseases but also blocks root chakra energy flow from rising above its location. There, by dint of lying closed in its path, it turns its streamline flow into a swirling whirl of energy. Thus it moves this free energy in a vicious circle of its own distorted flow.

A Closed Root Chakra Blocking Root Chakra Energy Flow In Bangalore

The effect of this blockage shows up in the awareness – which is nothing else but a derivative of energy flow through the body as such – getting spiritually frustrated, giving birth to the two opposite kinds of fears, the fear of losing existence as death; and the fear of being left alone while in existence as life, i.e., the loneliness!

The fear of losing existence expresses itself in the garb of personal ego as against the sensitivity of compassion. This sensitivity is there for the fellow human beings around, along with, for the entire existence around. Also this personal ego confines the awareness within its own biological cage. It numbs the sensitivity of compassion ending up developing all the petty emotions bothering for the personal self alone.

The antithesis of this fear of death confining the awareness in its own biological cage expresses itself in a frustrated desire to break out of it and be one with the rest, which shows up itself as feeling missing which no one knows what, i.e., the loneliness.

Existential Contradictions

Thus the said chakra blocks the free energy of kundalini flow at the very beginning of its journey through spine. It induces all the biologically existential contradictions in a potentially exceptional life system that we, the humans, are!

We need to know how to open root chakra. Also, we need to know how to heal the chakras. We also need root chakra healing. And we need to heal all the seven chakras!

Root chakra opens up through dissolving its muscular contractions around the pelvis and the lower back through root chakra clearing. When it does so, the energy is able to move one step up to the next chakra. Here, it again turns into a swirling whirl moving in a vicious circle of its own distorted flow.

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