Vision Problems: Lasik Eye Surgery vs Chakra Healing for Myopia

Vision Problems: Lasik Eye Surgery vs Chakra Healing for Myopia
(Last Updated On: August 23, 2020)

Vision Problems: Lasik Eye Surgery vs Chakra Healing for Myopia

Vision problems of myopia respond better to chakra healing than to Lasik eye surgery.

Vision Problems: Lasik Eye Surgery vs Chakra Healing for MyopiaI say it because I know it. I have treated hundreds of myopic cases through opening their chakras by re-posturing their body; and if their diopter number was not too high, it instantaneously brought their vision to 20/20.

Later they only needed keeping their chakras open making it the first nature of their body posture whether while sitting, standing, walking, running or even lying down on their bed.

It took them a few months to make it the first nature of their body posture.

In many cases, I didn’t even need opening all their chakras; only opening the third eye chakra and the crown chakra did the job.

I myself was a myopic up to 53 years of my age. Then I accidentally cleared my lifelong eye blur in one single moment like magic.

I had unknowingly opened my third eye chakra and the crown chakra spontaneously. But I didn’t know it then what I had done to myself in order to start seeing everything clear. Surprisingly I had started seeing at a distance as clear as I had never seen all through my life.

It was only later during the next two years that I researched day and night on my own body and turned my sporadic episode of instant vision correction into a well formulated system of not only treating myopia or all other vision problems but also of treating almost all lifestyle diseases through chakra healing by opening chakras in the body.

Treatment Sessions

Anatomy and Physiology of Third Eye Chakra aka Ajna ChakraI held my sessions curinging myopia as well as other vision problems through chakra healing. I came across quite a few patients who had gone for a successful Lasik eye surgery a few years ago. But they kept falling back to their old pattern of successively seeing blurred more and more during all these years. And by the time they contacted me, they had already fallen back to their old degree of blur before LASIK.

Lasik eye surgery just does not heal the eye. It rather only changes cornea to permanent eyeglasses or contact lenses inside it rather than in front of it.

What LASIK Actually Does

While doing LASIK, a cut is made with a knife, called a ‘microkeratome’ in the stromal layer of cornea. This cut makes a flap and then the surgeon folds the flap backward.

Vision Problems: Lasik Eye Surgery vs Chakra Healing for MyopiaPulses from a computer-controlled laser vaporize portions of the stroma as per computer program in order to change its shape according to the calculated design of the requirement; and then the flap is set back in place.

Can we call it myopia cure at all?

Or is it just a kind of management exactly like the one with the help of eyeglasses or contact lenses? It’s only a little more comfortable to wear permanently even if we leave the side-effects aside?

And what about my patients who fell back to their old blur again? It was in as short duration as only 6 to 8 years for most of them!

Secondary Options for Healing Vision Problems including Myopia to Speed up the Process as Catalysts

Although I offer a FREE workshop to improve eyesight instantly yet you may not be able to attend it personally. In this workshop, I personally demonstrate with you as the test subject how crown chakra meditation corrects eyesight instantly.

Maybe you are located thousands of miles away from me in another part of the world. Although I would still suggest you to make it somehow yet everyone may have one’s own problems. In that case, I would strongly suggest you to go for natural options alone.

Vision without Glasses The reason is that they both belong to the same category of healing vision problems including myopia, presbyopia and more. Both of them are rooted deep in the natural processes alone.

One such system that has come to my notice is Vision without Glasses by Duke Peterson. It not only deals with myopia alone but also the entire spectrum of vision problems.

The system cures myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, strabismus and even tension headache in one go! It may not be as fast as instant like mine, still it’s worth giving it a try.

Author’s Credentials

Duke Peterson It’s authored by Duke Peterson, an ex-optometrist by profession. He no more practices optometry since he trains people to improve their vision with his method now. I have thoroughly gone through it and found it to be the best secondary option to go with chakra healing. Duke also offers the following eye charts along as bonus:

  • Classic Eye Chart
  • Interactive Eye Chart Generator
  • Letter Rows & Grid of random tumbling E’s
  • 10 charts for practicing fusion, convergence & divergence
  • Astigmatic Mirror

Eye Charts Disclosure: Vision without Glasses is an affiliate link. And if you buy it from here, I’ll get a little compensation to refer it to you. But don’t worry, you will NOT be charged for that in its prices! In fact the sellers pay it from their own pocket.

I am referring it for its quality, not for my petty compensation.

As I said before, I am referring it to you based on my thorough investigation and satisfaction with it.

Vision -without Glasses Use Vision without Glasses as your secondary remedy along with chakra healing as the primary one. And you will not only get rid of constipation alone but also of all other lifestyle diseases you might have. As a bonus, you will also increase the energy level in your mind body system considerably.

Do you need asking anything regarding correcting myopia or other vision problems through chakra healing?

You can ask me any question by emailing me on

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Chakra HealerSince many people asked me for it, I have started opening chakras professionally. I train people by re-posturing their bodies for good. I offer Single-Person Chakra Opening Workshops named Awakening to Spirit: Guided Meditation for Chakra Cleansing in Bangalore for the same at my center comprising two 8-hour sessions on two consecutive days.

I also provide a FREE 3-month training to Improve Eyesight Instantly Fast by Chakra Meditation in Bangalore. Anyone from anywhere throughout the world is welcome to join the same. Just write an email to me and I will take things further from there.

Opening 7 chakras tends to eradicate chronic lifestyle diseases like sex problems, obesity, eye vision problems, constipation, back pains, breathing problems, heart condition, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, spondylitis and chronic headaches to name a few.

Opening chakras also tends to unblock the flow of Kundalini through its spinal path in the body. In fact it spiritually uplifts the level of energy in the body and the mind. As a result this enhanced level of energy takes care of almost all the psychological problems which afflict the majority of humanity today.

And the good news is that it works at any and every age. Age is simply no bar at all!

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  1. Hello. I’ve just recently gotten into chakra healing and I am struggling a little. I am VERY interested in healing myself. I’m trying to get my 20/20 vision back….I’m nearsighted……been wearing glasses since the 7th grade. I’m 53 now. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I would love to grow my hair back. I have thin hair. That started in my mid twenties. Other things too like, occasional constipation, nervousness, sometimes borderline high blood pressure. I seem to do better when I hover my hand over the chakra as I’m trying to mentally tap into it. I think that helps me pinpoint it better…or something. I don’t really feel anything spectacular going on when I try tapping in to one…….so, I guess I just need a lot more practice. I really want to feel something in each one when I’m trying to tap into it. Any help from you would be greatly appreciated!!! Phillip.

  2. Post

    Hi Phillip,

    You can write more about yourself addressing it to my email, and I will explain every single thing to you as far as chakra healing is concerned.

    G B Singh

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