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A Closed Throat Chakra Blocking Throat Chakra Energy Flow in Bangalore

A closed throat chakra blocks throat chakra energy flow rising through spine up to the crown chakra. This blockage is especially critical as it links the torso with the skull.

5th chakra’s free energy of Kundalini flow, when gets blocked by the throat chakra blockages, results in not only losing the balance of the hormone flow through the body, but also the balance of life in the mind body system that we humans are.

A Closed Throat Chakra Blocking Throat Chakra Energy Flow In Bangalore

A blocked throat chakra gives the shoulders their second slouch in the form of a droop as well as a habitual bend to the neck stopping the head from being held high.

It brings disaster!

In fact it tends to pull the third eye chakra down and thus blur the vision and the mind out of their single-pointed focus.

It also tends to pull the crown chakra down losing the dynamic focus out of its balance in life.

Not only this, it also contracts the muscles around the organs placed below it, i.e., the solar plexus, the abdomen, and the pelvis!

It sure is a major culprit as far as the body diseases are concerned!

But why on earth do we keep our shoulders drooping and the head held low?

In fact we need energy to keep them upright against the pull of gravity for healing the throat chakra.

We don’t have enough energy in our body to keep them so!

Now the Basic Question Is: Why?

We keep losing it in providing it to maintain the rigidity of the muscular armor all through our body.

It’s the effect of precisely of what it is a cause, too!

It makes this cause and effect maze a vicious circle of energy.

A Closed Throat Chakra Blocking Throat Chakra Energy Flow In Bangalore

The cause and the effect start reinforcing each other giving strength not to the body but to this vicious circle of energy!

The scapulae either stretch or else contract in a distorted way.

They exert their pull on the neck also which distorts itself in another ugly way. It turns into a stiff neck that is so common a phenomenon all across humanity on the planet.

The backbone takes up the shape of an inverted arch bending the torso down toward the pull of gravity!

The jaws pull down too, distorting their alignment with each other.

Unnatural Body Posture

All this turns into an unnatural body posture, which we start taking to be a natural phenomenon.

If everyone is insane around, the sane will have their place in a mental asylum alone!

We turn old in our youth, never realizing what we have done to ourselves!

With a throat chakra gone closed, we are left with no 5th chakra’s free energy of Kundalini flow even to lively communicate with our fellow beings on earth! All our communications reduce to social protocols and emotional slogan mongering alone.

Poor we!

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