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Chakra for Meditation in Bangalore: Meditating with Chakras – The Myth and The Reality

Chakra for meditation and meditating with chakras are popular terms that have been as much confused about as they has been corrupted. It’s done by the mala fide intentions of those who just use them as slogans. And they do so to grind their own axe whatever reason they do it for.

Chakra for Meditation in Bangalore: Meditating with Chakras - The Myth and The Reality Meditation is something that tries to still the noise in the mind.

Now, what essentially is this noise all about?

It’s simply either chewing the cud of the past happenings whether fondly or with a grudge, or else projecting the future events even before they have materialized themselves (as if one could really do so!).

Along with making castles in the air, this day-dreaming projection could very much include day-mares (just like nightmares) as well!

That’s all about the noise what it is.

But, why does our mind make it after all?

The reason is very simple. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop!

Why is the mind empty, then?

No, the mind is not really empty. It has rather gone blank to a great extent.

Empty Mind Vs Blank Mind

We should rather modify our proverb – A blank mind is a devil’s workshop.

What does a blank mind mean? How is a blank mind different from an empty mind?

OK, a blank mind is one that has gone blank (to a great extent) about what right now is happening in front of it, here. It’s lost somewhere else.

Being lost somewhere else is what making noise means!

A blank mind is not a centrally fixated mind.

The center is here. The center is now.

The blank mind is neither interested in here nor in now.

The moment it (if) went interested, it would immediately go empty. It would no more remain blank. And it would stop making all the noise. It would instantaneously get centrally fixated in the center of the action going on right now, here.

It would also stop making noise with all the thoughts either of the past, or of the future.

What is happening right now doesn’t require any past or future thought in order to perceive it full.

What it requires is the process of thinking supported with all the knowledge from the storehouse of the past memories, not in an emotional way but rather technically so.

Thinking and thought are two different entities.

A blank mind is lost in its thoughts making all the noise on earth.

An empty mind is a still mind that THINKS without THOUGHTS.

Chakra for Meditation in Bangalore: Meditating with Chakras – The Myth

Chakra for Meditation in Bangalore: Meditating with Chakras - The Myth and The Reality But, what you will find in the name of chakra for meditation and meditating with chakras in almost all the popular readings on the topic is simply slogan mongering borrowed from the ancient scriptures without really experiencing what is written there and why.

You will find all the weird kinds of chants, color imaginations, symbol visualizations, aura-viewing, crystal healing ending up in selling chakra jewelry, chakra meditation music and tones, and all the unnatural body postures along with forceful breathing techniques with the names of ‘mudras’, ‘bandhs’ and various different kinds of ‘pranayama’ promising opening this chakra or that of yours in the name of chakra for meditation they suggest you to do.

They are either telling cock and bull stories or else using a cannon for something that only required aiming with a small gun at it!

Chakra for Meditation in Bangalore: Meditating with Chakras – The Reality

Take it from me (if you will), it only adds to the noise of the mind that it is already making, deafening the listening faculty of your brain.

Nothing from outside can help you open your chakras. You have to open them all from within. Seven chakras meditation tells you how to open your chakras from within.

The persons who are offering these feel-good maneuvers have neither been there nor done that, themselves. I came to know of it only after my personal interaction with lot many of them.

Chakra for Meditation in Bangalore: Meditating with Chakras - The Myth and The Reality In fact, the very physical process of opening 7 chakras in human body in itself is the most challenging chakra for meditation or meditating with chakras that you need keeping doing all the 24 hours of the day (as opposed to a few minutes of the popular feel-good maneuvers), making it a way of life that you live through every single moment of it.

This topic of chakra for meditation and meditating with chakras being a real vast one, I will be continuing with it in my next blog posts to come until every single aspect of it is properly taken care of.

Do you need asking anything regarding chakra for meditation or meditating with chakras as far as it promises opening chakras in a real concrete manner without filling your mind with the noise of any illusions about the same?

You can ask me any question by emailing me on ask@7chakras.org.

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Guided Meditations for Healing Chakras in Bangalore: Empty Your Mind

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