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How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep Simplified

How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep

At 7 Chakras in Bangalore, we offer chakra meditation for sleep developing an insight into how to chakra meditate for sleep. It aims at making you a master of steering your sleep patterns every time you go to your bed. This mastery helps you in falling asleep fast as well as deep, also successfully working as insomnia and narcolepsy treatment.

When we sleep, it’s primarily the brain that sleeps although it still doesn’t go unconscious. It just reduces all its activities to a point where it may need to spend much less energy than wakefulness. The purpose is to restore its supply of adenosine triphosphate aka ATP to transport energy. In fact, brain is the biggest consumer of energy while it’s awake.

Sleep Cycle Stages

During sleep, the brain mainly raises its sensory threshold though still in a safe range if it crosses the threshold. Electroencephalography of brain waves aka EEG tells a great lot about the state of brain activities in sleep-wake cycle. All of them including alpha, beta, theta, gamma, and delta are visible in different sleep cycle stages. 

Brain Waves

Different brain waves have different frequencies and amplitudes. Alpha waves speak of a state of conscious rest. Beta waves exhibit a state of attentive activity with highest frequency and lowest amplitude. Gamma waves signify a heightened state of focus. Theta waves signify the brain’s transition from wakefulness to initial stages of sleep. Delta waves replace them in the deep sleep stages.

Sleep cycle stages are divided in two broad categories, non-rapid eye movement sleep and rapid eye movement sleep. Their short forms are notified as NREM sleep and REM sleep. Transition from theta waves to delta waves takes the brain to deep sleep aka slow-wave speed using least energy. Body temperature and heart rate go minimum. REM sleep is shallower with continuous eye movements, dreams and higher frequency brain waves but without homeostasis.

One NREM to REM sleep cycle goes for one and a half hours extending to around five such cycles nightlong. NREM sleep is further categorized as N1, N2 and N3 where N3 stands for the deepest sleep during the cycle. Hence its movement goes like N1 —> N2 —> N3 —> N2 —> N1 —> REM. In the beginning of sleep at night, N3 is longer in duration whereas in the morning hours, REM goes longer. 

How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep Cycle Stages Optimization?

How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep

When we keep our third eye chakra and the crown chakra open, it takes much less time to fall asleep. Insomnia and bruxism at night and narcolepsy during daytime are also taken care effectively. Moreover after sleeping once at night, we don’t wake up after every sleep cycle before the next one starts. Also the depth of sleep stays in N3 category for much longer durations through the night. Hence the overall quality of sleep improves a lot when we know how to chakra meditate for sleep cycle stages. Making a habit of sleeping on stomach and fixing gaze looking up before sleeping help in keeping both chakras open.

Process C: Circadian Clock For Sleep Timing Control

Circadian Clock For Sleep

Process C or circadian clock for sleep timing control is a rhythm differentiating between day-night cycle. The rhythm is created by our neurochemical system releasing hormonal signals. Suprachiasmatic nucleus aka SCN in brain just above the optic chiasm is the main area responsible for creating the circadian clock.  It keeps homeostasis intact. SCN has a circadian pacemaker which neurologically signals the pineal gland to release melatonin at night. 

Also the cortisol and prolactin secretion levels increase at night. Circadian rhythm also controls nighttime secretion of the restorative growth hormone. Thus process C is crucial for sleep timing control as far as restorative sleep function is concerned. It mainly controls the REM sleep cycle. Slow-wave sleep leading to deep sleep is still independent of circadian sleep timing control.

How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep Timing Control?

How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep

As pineal gland is intimately linked with third eye chakra, it has a stronger control over the release of melatonin. Hence knowing how to chakra meditate for sleep timing control is more effective than the environment-controlled circadian clock aka Process C. If one decides to change one’s circadian clock needed after long distance flights, they can easily do so. They only need to know how to chakra meditate for sleep time control.

Process S: Sleep Balance by Homeostasis

Sleep Deprivation

Process S comes into action when glycogen gets depleted resulting in adenosine getting accumulated in forebrain. This accumulation activates ventrolateral preoptic nucleus in anterior hypothalamus above optic chiasm. It ends up in sleep deprivation establishing very slow brain waves in frontal cortex. This entire process starts making one feel extremely uneasy owing to loss of attention, blurring of memory and feeling anxious. Homeostasis gets disturbed resulting in building up a sleep pressure in the frontal parts of brain.

Hence the process S that started with the accumulation of adenosine in forebrain acts as homeostatic sleep regulation. It often happens after long durations of wakefulness.

How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep Balance by Homeostasis? 

Learning how to chakra meditate for sleep balance by homeostasis doesn’t wait for sleep debt leading to sleep deprivation. It rather maintains the balance by its early signals that a sensitized brain listens to, well before sleep debt accumulates.

How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep

A sensitized brain results from opening the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, and then keeping them so. And the best part is that these two skull chakras can be opened through a shortcut without opening torso chakras. Once these skull chakras get opened through this shortcut, it’s easier to keep them open than chakras. The credit for the ease in keeping them open again goes to the same shortcut in the skull. This brain sensitizing works like a magic wand and turns the process S way more efficient than before.

Would you like to learn how to chakra meditate for sleep in the most simplified way? It’s done through opening the third eye chakra and the crown chakra through a shortcut in the skull locally. And the same shortcut makes it quite easy to keep them open until it becomes your first nature.

Just make it your first nature and you will never have any problem with your sleep. And you will reap all the benefits that a healthy deep sleep provides throughout the night.

Send us an email on ask@7chakras.org and we will take things further from there.

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Which chakra helps with sleep?

The third eye chakra sensitizes the brain releasing melatonin way more than environmentally controlled circadian clock alone. It also strengthens homeostasis control for sleep balance.

Can I do chakra meditation before sleep?

You can learn how to chakra meditate for sleep and then make it your first nature 24 x 7. It not only improves the quality of sleep but also fights insomnia and narcolepsy very effectively. 

Which chakra affects dreams?

Dreams are a part of REM sleep cycle associated with shallower sleep that replaces it after the NREM cycle associated with deep sleep. Third eye chakra increases the duration of deep sleep.

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How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep Simplified | 7 Chakras
How To Chakra Meditate For Sleep Simplified | 7 Chakras

At 7 Chakras in Bangalore, we offer the most simplified chakra meditation for sleep developing an insight into how to chakra meditate for sleep.

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